Beylikduzu Area

Beylikduzu Area : The Most Livable Place in Istanbul

منطقة بيليك دوزو المكان الأكثر ملائمة للعيش في اسطنبول

Beylikduzu is a district in European İstanbul reigning over a 12.4 km long coastline distinguished by its unique balance of luxury, comfort, and nature. 

The region has gained popularity as the go-to destination for residence since the early 2000s. 

With its start-studded integrated services and well-served transportation networks, the region offers unparalleled housing opportunities overlooking the Marmara Sea.

Beylikduzu has been witnessing rapid and dense urbanization for decades now, placing it among the best districts in Turkey with a healthy infrastructure. 

Far from the crowded ambiance of Turkey’s city center, Beylikduzu offers a relaxed atmosphere and clear air becoming the address for tranquility. 

Transportation in Beylikduzu 


Beylikduzu is one of the areas that’s well-served by public and private transport. But most importantly, Istanbul’s main mode of transportation; the Metrobus line passes through the region. 

Extending from Europe to Asia, the Metrobus gives residents of the district the ability to flexibly move around Istanbul. Furthermore, along its pathway, the Metrobus intersects with various means of transport; meaning through it you can access any type of transportation in Istanbul. 

Public buses excellently serve the interior of the region allowing residents to move around the neighborhoods of Beylikduzu. 

The municipality is working on establishing an IDO “marine taxi” station in the region. This will connect Beylikduzu to other coastal districts in Istanbul through a ferry.  Hence transporting to Kabatas, Eminonu, and Kadikoy will be a breeze. 

Entertainment and Facilities in Beylikduzu


Beylikduzu hosts a large number of malls, some such as Marmara Park are considered the biggest in the city.  Markets, cafes, and restaurants are spread out across the district. 

Beylikduzu’s yacht Marina hosts various other entertainment facilities and activities for residents. 

Education & Healthcare 


Beylikduzu is home to some of the prestigious universities in the region such as Bogazici University and Beykent University. In Addition to several other private and public universities, the region hosts international and public schools for all education levels. 

Similarly for health care, the district of Beylikduzu is a dénuant with health instructions from state to privately owned and specialized centers. 

Distance to Major Districts 


Beylikduzu is a large district so the values may change if you’re residing in regions further towards the center or beginning of the district. 

  • Taksim: 50 minutes
  • Bakırköy Square: 20 minutes
  • Mecidiyeköy: 40 minutes
  • Sultanahmet: 40 minutes
  • Besiktas: 60 minutes
  • Kadıkoy: 64 minutes 
  • Levent: 58 minutes
  • Sariyer: 70 minutes
  • Istanbul Airport: 51 minutes

Investment in Beylikduzu 



Beylikduzu has a great investment value owing to the presence of first-class facilities in the region. Hundreds of luxury projects are currently under construction from residential projects to the IDO maritime transport station. All of which will have the real estate values soaring in the near future.