Beylikduzu, a prime destination for owning a property in Istanbul:

Beylikduzu, a prime destination for owning a property in Istanbul:

منطقة بيليك دوزو وجهة اساسية لتملك العقارات في اسطنبول

We had talked in previous articles about the importance of choosing a suitable site when thinking about buying a property in Turkey and how this matter affects determining the price of the property and the percentage of profits that can be earned if the goal is real estate investment.

The importance of this aspect increases in particular when wanting to buy a property in Istanbul due to the wide geographical expansion of the city and the large number of neighborhoods and municipalities within it, in addition to the huge number of real estate investment projects that are being established in various regions of Istanbul.

In this context, we will talk about one of the most important developing regions in Istanbul, the most important residential and vital centers and an important attraction for foreign investors who want to own properties and apartments in Istanbul, which is the Beylikduzu area.

Beylikduzu district in Istanbul

Beylikdüzü is a newly established area and is located in the European side of Istanbul and enjoys a distinctive southern view of the Sea of Marmara, and also in one of its sides overlooks the beach of Buyukcekmece Bay, and to the east it is bordered by the Avcilar and Esenyurt region to the north.

Beylikduzu has a quiet cultural character, as it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes it far from noise and pollution, and this definitely affects the purity of its atmosphere throughout the year and increases the population and investment attractions for it. The population of Beylikduzu is about 315 thousand people, and its area is 360 square kilometers.

In view of the urban development witnessed by Beylikduzu, we find that today it is well served in all forms and types of service and entertainment facilities, and even some luxuries that give its residents complete luxury where:

There are many universities in Beylikdüzü in Istanbul: such as Fatih University, Beykent University and Bahçeşehir University.

Hospitals: which provide treatment services at the highest level, which is divided between hospitals affiliated with the government and those of the private sector, such as various medical centers.

Tourist places such as: The Gray Palace or the Sultan Suleiman Palace, one of the authentic Ottoman monuments, and the Buyukcekmece Bridge, which dates back to the fifteenth century, there is also the Kulesi area or what is now called the Garden of Culture.

An excellent transportation network: linking it with all the regions of Istanbul in its European and Asian sections where the metrobus line, which is the longest and fastest transportation line in Istanbul has 5 stations in Beylikduzu and they are from the west towards the east: Beylikduzu sondurak "the last station", Hadimkoy, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Beylikduzu Belediyesi, and Beylikdüzü station.

In addition to several bus lines that connect it to the surrounding areas, it is also assumed that a modern subway line will be extended to Beylikdüzü.

Shopping centers: Beylikduzu area has a number of the most important shopping centers in Istanbul and it contains many products of well-known international brands, and among the most famous malls and shopping centers in Beylikduzu: Migros Mall, Perlavista Mall and Marmara Park Mall.

The cafes in Beylikdüzü are also among the most luxurious European cafes, and the region is famous for its luxurious restaurants, beautiful parks and green gardens.

Beylikduzu properties in Istanbul

The good thing is that the Beylikdüzü district in Istanbul is a modern developing area in terms of construction and real estate. All buildings have earthquake-resistant facilities and have a modern architectural design, which are very important when thinking about buying an apartment in Istanbul.

Beylikduzu properties in Istanbul are distinguished by its prices, which are low compared to the high quality of its buildings, modernity and luxury of its design and the charming nature of the region, and we do not forget that Beylikduzu has all kinds of services that make living in it comfortable and enjoy a great amount of luxury.

Istanbul properties in Beylikdüzü region are characterized by accuracy in its designs that rival European quality, which gives its streets more charm, those varied green spaces and wonderful coordination of this dazzling city.

Where its alleys enjoy the beauty of its planning and magnificence, its administrative organization, its wide streets and broad clean sidewalks, which is the center of the most important real estate projects and the most luxurious residential complexes in the city, it is European in nature and has many distinguished services, such as a good location and amazing views, along with the green area, schools, swimming pools, and designated places To entertain and play for children.

It is also characterized by the presence of luxury villas, especially near the marina, where charming views of the sea, as well as many commercial complexes and offices designated for sale or rent.

We do not lose sight of an important issue of interest to foreign investors who want to invest in Istanbul real estate market, which is that the region is experiencing a renaissance in infrastructure, which will increase property prices in Beylikduzu significantly later, and the most important of these projects is the expected port on Marmara Beach, in addition to the new metro line.

The role of the new Istanbul Canal cannot be neglected by affecting the liveliness of Beylikdüzü and several other areas of Istanbul after its completion as well.

These things and the features that we mentioned about Beylikduzu real estate and the living features in it are very important in the first place for those looking for a successful real estate investment in Istanbul as all of these factors guarantee fixed and high profits for the investor in case you own a property in Beylikduzu.


On the other hand, the high level of luxury in the lifestyle that the municipality of Beylikduzu provides for its residents makes it a preferred destination today for foreigners wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul, regardless of their nationalities.