Bodrum Castle

Tourism in Turkey… Bodrum Castle welcomes visitors again after years of restoration:

تعرف على قلعة بودروم التركية

Turkey has a lot of the most beautiful tourist places that made it the sixth destination globally in terms of attracting foreign tourists, as more than 50 million visitors enter it every year, to wander through its historical monuments and archeological sites and enjoy its picturesque nature.

Turkey hopes as well, to reach the threshold of 70 million tourists according to Turkey's 2023 vision, as it works on this through strong tourism programs even at the height of the Corona crisis, as the country was a pioneer in offering a safe tourism program in Turkey, which was highly appreciated by tourists from different countries of the world.

Among the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, we find "Bodrum Castle", one of the most prominent landmarks of Mugla state in the west of the country, which is ready to receive its visitors after a period of restoration.

Bodrum Castle ... a rare piece of the ancient past

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the end of the second stage of the restoration, which lasted for more than 3 years, and also the opening of a closed exhibition area, which area is more than 1100 meters from the area of Bodrum Castle, one of the most prominent destinations for "Tourism in Turkey" by having one of the most amazing views on The Mediterranean and its historical treasures.

The visitor to Bodrum Castle in Mugla finds different sections and many halls in addition to a group of towers "Italian, German, French, Spanish and others ...", and it is expected that at the end of this year the English tower will be restored to expand the area of Bodrum Castle to become about 1400 meters.

The castle also contains the only underwater museum in Turkey "1964", which in turn was enriched by the opening of 8 ancient exhibition halls in front of visitors, including 3 floors where the boats are displayed while the rest is dedicated to displaying all the remains discovered in the charming peninsula of Bodrum.

The trustees of Mugla are working on the restoration of two additional halls, which will be opened soon, one of which is dedicated to the widely-known Oluburun submarines, and the other to the Badasa garrison.

Once life began to return to normal in Turkey, that is, from late June until the 33-dunham castle began to receive its visitors, whose number has grown remarkably at the beginning of July, whether by local tourists or foreigners residing in Turkey or who came after the resumption of international flights.

The Bodrum Castle, built on a rocky massif and above the waters of the Mediterranean, is one of the castles that have an active role in cultural tourism in Turkey, where only a few meters away from it, the monument to one of the seven wonders of the world is found, the Mausoleum of Mausolus, which is visited by tourists from all around the world annually.

Bodrum Castle Tour

If you want to visit the charming city of Mugla and Bodrum Castle and the underwater museum, we advise you to follow this agenda that saves you time and enables you to organize your trip and at the same time enjoy all the features of the castle without neglecting any of them:

  • Begin your tour around the castle by taking photos inside the beautiful parks of Bodrum, which include numerous plants and rare trees, such as willow and bears.
  •  After the gardens tour, you can navigate to the castle's halls and cabins with an impressive interior, the colorful windows, and the distinctive English tower.
  • Then, try to enjoy watching the most beautiful panoramic views of Mugla" from the terraces of the castle, decorated with cannons dating to World War I.
  • Visit the galleries of the rarest ceramic, earthenware, and coins artifacts dating back to ancient times.
  • Visit the pavilion featuring Princess Karyan's tomb and jewelry, which died in 325 BC.
  • Finally, take the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing marine Aegean monuments and figures.

Bodrum Castle is considered one of the cheapest tourist places in Turkey, as tourists can not enjoy a luxurious tour in the arms of history and nature with only five dollars, anywhere else.