The best tourist places in Bodrum

The top 6 tourist attractions place to visit in Bodrum

مدينة بودروم التركية

Bodrum is a Turkish city, located southwest of Turkey, at the northern tip Gulf of krimi, located in the Aegean Sea, on the opposite side of the Greek island of Kos.

 Bodrum is one of the tourist Turkish cities, it attracts many tourists, due to its charming nature and sandy beaches, in addition to its historical and archaeological attractions.

Bodrum has ancient civilization and ancient history, its date back to the thirteenth century BC, the first civilization was established in it the Kingdom of Kariya, and the city of Bodrum was mentioned in ancient Greek mythology, the rule of Bodrum came to many civilizations where the city was under the rule of The Karyon, the Legilis, Persian, Roman, Byzantine rule and finally under the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Suleiman .

  Bodrum means basement underground. Bodrum city is famous for its distinguished location, port, sea, white houses and trade as well. Its historical and archaeological features include the most important:

St. Peter's Castle

The Castle of St. Peter's in Bodrum, located on the coast of Bodrum, was built by St. John and the Crusader Knights in 1402 on a high hill, where it crossed over the whole city of Bodrum.

St. Peter's Castle is considered one of the most important historical and tourist attractions in Turkey. The castle was used for several purposes, including a military base during the Greek Revolution, then it turned into a church and then into a mosque.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the castle was turned into a prison, but now it has become a museum, the museum won an award in the competition of the best museums in the world in 1995, the museum includes many artefacts, an amphora exhibition, an Eastern Rome ship, Turkish baths, a glass room, a jewellery hall and cannons belonging to the First World War in addition to some ceramic and pottery and antique coins which back to ancient age .


Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is one of the largest museums of the underwater in Turkey, located in the castle of St. Peter, which was built in the fifteenth century, the museum contains a group of relics that were discovered under the water, and also contains the wreckage of some historical ships as the famous ship (uluburun ) . IT considered the richest and oldest museums in terms of debris and archaeology.

Bodrum’s Amphitheatre

Bodrum’s Amphitheatre in Bodrum is one of the most beautiful and ancient monuments and historical in the city, its construction dates back to the 4th century BC during the Roman era.

The historical Bodrum amphitheatre overlooks the Aegean Sea and the city of Bodrum, it consists of three sections. The semi-circular theatre is located in the middle of the amphitheatre in the form of a semicircle, on the opposite side, for the theatre stands. The facade of the theatre is built in the shape of a horseshoe to fill the space opposite the theatre stands and also contains access paths The exit, sitting stands, carved in the shape of a horseshoe, where the theatre stands consists of 35 rows and can accommodate about 13,000 spectators.

Zeki muren Art Museum

Zeki Muren Museum of Art in Bodrum, the back to the Turkish singer and musician Zaki Muren who had a great role in developing Turkish music, so his home was transformed into a museum that contains many of his personal holdings in addition to many local and international awards and honours certificates that he obtained . The museum has many musical works by Zaki Moran.

Tomb of Mausolus

The tomb of Mausolus in Bodrum is one of the most famous tourist places, and the story says that the tomb of mausolus was built by order of Queen Artemis to commemorate her husband, King Mausolus,353 BC. The tomb features reliefs on the walls that tell the stories of some legendary battles, as well as some small statues.

Yahs beach

Yahsi Beach in Bodrum is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city. Where you can sit on its golden sands, enjoy the tranquility and landscapes of the enchanting sea, or swim in its clear blue waters