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Bolu province in Turkey

هل زرت بولو التركية من قبل

In general Turkey is a profusely visited country by tourists from around the world as it contains many of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_the_world, it is also a favorite destination for business men and foreign investors who are interested in the real estate market in Turkey and want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city.

To the south of Turkey between the cities of #Istanbul and #Ankara on the coast of the Black sea lays the province of Bolu,

With its charming nature where the wide green landscapes, hills and forests which cover 65% of the whole space area of the city, Bolu attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

The city of Bolu contains many of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey

Such as the lakes at the national park which is 45km away from the city center,

These lakes are located on two 100m high hills, and from which waterfalls are formed to fall between the trees and forests giving the place a magical and heavenly touch.

In the park’s forests there are 236 different kind of trees like the beech, oak, poplar, pine and hazelnut trees, in addition to the birds where you can find a 100 different kind of rare species, and because of these reasons Bolu’s national park was included at the UNISCO’s list of world’s heritages sites in 1965.

Another magnificent natural feature at the province of Bolu are the Kartalkaya mountains, which are 40km to the south of the city these mountains are the perfect site for mountaineering and skiing.

That's in addition to the Bolu hot springs which are characterized with the convenient water temperature which is 44o and its richness with important minerals like sulfate, calcium, magnesium and other elements that make these springs a perfect destination for what’s known as #medical_tourism_in_turkey especially for liver and rheumatism patients.

And you can’t miss the chance of visiting Bolu museum which was established on 1975 and opened on 1981 where in it many important sectors with different exhibits can be found like valuable antiques, old currencies an ethnographical section in addition to the marble pillars in the museum’s garden.