real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey in these areas made them rich, how?

Real estate investment in Turkey

Once you buy a property in Turkey, you can become a millionaire but, to reach that you need to know first the most genius idea for real estate investment in Turkey in the right way, because the step is not easy, given the intense competition and attractive real estate offers, where each offer is better than the other in design, price and region 

 Speaking of regions, a foreign investor who wants to buy property in Turkey will find himself confused about the best suitable places for owning a property, whether for housing, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in a great country in terms of area, diversity, geographical, historical, and economic richness.

In order to clarify the vision about the best real estate investment areas in Turkey that allow you to become rich according to the desired goals of purchase and the desires of customers, we offer you the most important places to attract foreigners and the best cost-effective and profitable considering several factors, including population density and area of ​​the region and its economic, development and tourism plans.


Istanbul, Turkey's economic capital and its pivoting hub in the real estate market, is the largest area attracting foreign investors of different nationalities due to its numerous urban areas that have witnessed an urban renaissance and huge projects with the latest designs competing with the largest global designs such as residential complexes in Istanbul that provide distinctive upscale services, recreational facilities, swimming pools, green spaces and permanent security escort, in addition to the presence of the largest modern infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Water Canal, the Valley of Life and the new airport, which made the investment in them achieve an ideal opportunity for those wishing to develop their wealth by seizing the opportunity of a continuous rise in the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

Istanbul maintains its real estate position annually as the best region in terms of demand for buying property in Turkey, given the huge transportation network it has from metro, tramway, metro bus, public buses, medium sized buses, dolmus, ships and taxis.

Istanbul attracted nearly 40% of foreigners who want to own property in Turkey due to its vital location, which is considered the number one choice for many who refuse to buy property in other cities.

Among the most promising areas for "real estate investment in Istanbul" we find: Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Basin Express, Beylikduzu and Sariyar.



It is not possible to talk about tourism in Turkey without mentioning Antalya, the city that in recent years has turned into an international resort with its breathtaking scenery, charming beaches, history, sun, green areas, mountains and markets away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which qualified it to occupy the 12th place globally among the most attractive cities for foreign tourists.

Antalya is among the most successful Turkish cities in real estate investment in Turkey due to the profitable returns that the investor reaps during the tourist seasons of renting apartments or hotel apartments or villas that are considered the most prestigious in Turkey in addition to buying offices and renting them to tourist companies, not to mention investment In the hotel resorts that have witnessed a  great purchase boom, whether by the Turks themselves or foreigners.

The Russians and Ukrainians buy a lot of property in Antalya, followed by the Arabs, who have turned to it strongly in recent years.



Being the capital of the country, the center of its decisions and the second largest city after Istanbul, Ankara has wide importance for the Turkish government, which in recent years has made it a land for the most important economic, urban and infrastructure projects along the lines of the "Cayyolu" and "Keçiören" region that overlooks large green areas, wonderful gardens and dense pine forests.

The number of foreigners buying property in Ankara, which rose from the sixth rank globally to the second in 2018, doubled due to the fact that it contains attractive housing projects equipped with the most luxurious types of services and the surrounding facilities.



Sakarya or the jewel of the Black Sea is one of the most suitable cities for tourism in all seasons, and a wonderful and promising investment opportunity for those looking for a distinctive lifestyle.

The culture of residents of Sakarya is similar to the customs of the Arabs, which made thousands of investors of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf choose to settle and own property in it, especially as it witnessed a qualitative leap in the smart building sector with upscale residential complexes in the "Sapanca" region known for its famous lake and wonderful views.



Bursa, the fourth largest city in Turkey, has been called a real estate pilgrim in the Gulf, where their turnout to buy property in Bursa has increased significantly in recent years due to the fact that it is a tourist, industrial and agricultural city that is compatible with the options of Arabs who have strongly opened successful companies in it, 

Bursa properties  near the Marmara coast attract a lot of foreign investors due to its wonderful atmosphere like the Mudanya coast..

Those were the five most important regions for real estate investment in Turkey, but this does not mean that investing in other regions does not pay off, but all previous experiences have proven that buying property in Turkey no matter what the region means buying wealth even after a while.