5 advantages of buying a property in Istanbul near the medical cities

5 advantages of buying a property in Istanbul near the medical cities

مزايا لشراء عقار في اسطنبول قرب المدن الطبية

Turkey, the country in which the wheel of the economic sector has not stopped for the last twenty years, as those in charge of it have led a real estate revolution unparalleled in the world, raising the rate of projects construction doubling. Megacities have been established in areas that were until the recent past remote and utterly absent from the urban map and provided various parts of the country with transportation networks, bridges, roads, and railways as part of a plan that the government called urban transformation.


Turkey has focused on medical cities in recent years as part of its transformational strategy. Many medical towns have been established in Istanbul, primarily due to the great demand for medical tourism in Turkey.


Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul near the medical cities


One of the most extensive treatment cities in the world is the Turkish Medical City.  As soon as its project was launched, foreigners increased eagerness to buy a property in Istanbul adjacent to medical areas due to the importance of treatment and health facilities in human life.


Foreigners who want to buy apartments for sale in Turkey, in turn, are asking primarily about real estate projects close to hospital centers. On this basis, Turkish construction companies' focus has become on building Istanbul apartments for sale near health buildings and clinics.


Like all medical cities in the world, the primary goal at the beginning of their construction in Turkey and Istanbul, in particular, was to expand the capacity of patients and provide more significant opportunities for treatment comfortably, but after the emergence of the Corona epidemic and its spread throughout the world, Turkey found in the medical cities a concrete fortress to besiege the disease and protect the Turks and foreign residents  are complications from the new deadly virus.


Many offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul near medical cities. Many of them are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and have a distinctive infrastructure and are equipped with the largest number of high-quality and technical beds.


These medical cities, which were established within the framework of urban transformation in Istanbul since the beginning of the emerging Coronavirus crisis, played a prominent and active pivotal role in surrounding the epidemic. It also prevented its spread by taking care of the many infected and providing the full treatment services necessary for patients.


Medical cities are distinguished by the fact that they provide high-quality services that can provide solutions to the most complex health crises through excellent capabilities that perform the task in a short period.


Up to this article's writing, Turkey has established three medical cities, the last of which entered into service in May 2020, while the fourth city is being accomplished according to different international standards.


Every medical city in Turkey has a name that commemorates a specific memory:


  • Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kirdar City Hospital


The city, which has a capacity of 1,105 beds, was built due to a cooperation agreement between the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Istanbul state authorities, which was inaugurated in March of 2019.


  • Dr. jamil tashji medical city center


The medical city, which President Tayyip Recep Erdogan announced on March 30, 2020, was named Dr. Jamil Tashjioglu in honor of the first doctor who lost his life in Turkey while performing his professional and humanitarian duty while treating Coronavirus patients.


  • Istanbul's Basaksehir Cam and Sakura City Hospital


It is the third medical city in Istanbul and the largest in the world in terms of area. It has 2,682 beds and 456 intensive care units distributed across eight different hospitals, 708 specialized treatment clinics, and 90 international standard operating rooms.


  • Costepe Medical City


It is the fourth medical city that is being established, as it will be one of the largest medical towns that contain the most modern hospitals in Turkey.

It is expected that its capacity in the first phase of its launch is 597 beds, 27 operating rooms, and 91 intensive care beds by September 2020. The medical city of Koszepe will include 224 specialized clinics, 186 single rooms, 160 double rooms, and the construction of an anti-earthquake security system. It consists of 385 seismic isolators that prevent the suspension of hospitals' operational activities during the occurrence of earthquakes and reduce the damage caused by that.

Why should you buy an apartment in Basaksehir?

Basaksehir, which has a large area, is considered a place that combines the best and most beautiful landscapes. It is located near the most extensive cypress and pine forests and contains the most prominent reserve in Istanbul. This famous “Shamlar” Natural Park is visited annually by thousands of tourists to enjoy seeing many rare animals.


The charming nature of Basaksehir does not stop at the green forests, as the area contains natural and artificial lakes, valleys, and rivers, making it characterized by beautiful tranquility throughout the year. All these advantages encouraged investors in the real estate field to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul or buy a property in Turkey.


Several facilities were built in the Basaksehir area, which we enumerate as follows:


  • Universities and educational institutions


The presence of many foreigners in Basaksehir made schools rely on many Arab and international educational curricula, such as “Canadian, American, Yemeni, Lebanese, Libyan… and others.” In addition to this, the region has many public and private universities, most notably Ibn Khaldun University.

  • Hospitals and health facilities

Basaksehir has the most prominent and famous governmental hospitals and dozens of private clinics and specialized medical centers.


In Basaksehir, we find the most extensive medical city in Europe and many Arab hospitals, which led to the doubling of the number of people coming to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul.


  • Recreational facilities


Basaksehir contains an endless number of entertainment and entertainment facilities and large commercial centers, the most important of which is the Mall of Istanbul and the old popular markets and the weekly bazaars that attract many visitors.


There is also the International Ataturk Stadium, Exhibition Center, the second largest screening square in Istanbul, cinemas, swimming pools, parks and other important entertainment facilities.


  • Basaksehir transportation


Basaksehir, near Istanbul's new airport, has one of the most developed and robust infrastructures in Istanbul. It has a vast and rugged transportation network that made it turn into a modern transportation node in Istanbul because it is the crossroads of many vital roads, chiefly the TEM road in the south and the E5 highway.


In addition to this, Basaksehir includes many bus lines that connect it to about 90 percent of Istanbul's regions, which have led to high prices for buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey, in general, and in the Basaksehir area in particular.


The medical cities built in Turkey had shown once again that the construction revolution launched by the government and its bet on it paid off in times of crises and were strong precautionary measures against health shocks before they were hospitals for daily treatment or routine medical care.

Real estate professionals believe that buying apartments for sale in Turkey near health facilities is a gain for the investor and the best way to double the money due to the high prices of real estate in Istanbul, especially those close to hospital centers, due to the continuous increase in demand for them.