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Buying property in Istanbul 2020… get to know the areas and prices

Buying property in Istanbul

Everyone agrees on the fact that Istanbul, this charming city that’s split on two continents, inspired all its inhabitants through ages, so every generation that had lived in this city mastered the formation of its architectural and artistic identity, its traditions, its cooking and its customs.

The successive generations continued the path of construction, which resulted in a great rush of non-residents, and here it turned into a prominent tourist pearl that visitors come from everywhere with a desire to enjoy its splendor, and some of them have chosen an area to live and settle in. Statistics show that about 48% of foreign investors who come monthly to Turkey go towards this city in search of promising places for buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, for the purpose of housing or for investment.

And as we mentioned, Istanbul has maintained over the past years its position at the top of the rest of the regions in terms of sales and buying property in Turkey, meaning all real estate offers under the title "property in Turkey for sale ",

Which means that buying property in Istanbul is one of the best real estate investment opportunities compared to others due to several factors we mention among them:

  • The diversity of apartments for sale in Istanbul and its acquisition of great investment importance.
  • The geographical locations of the most promising real estate areas in Istanbul are what make buying property in Istanbul. Turkey a profitable deal.
  • Many real estate projects in Istanbul take advantage of the government guarantees feature, which makes the process of buying property in Istanbul guaranteed and quality and delivery date.
  • The diversity of real estate projects in Istanbul includes many modern residential complexes that provide its residents with opportunities for luxury and well-being.
  • The prices of apartments in Istanbul are among the highly competitive prices in the real estate market, which are increasing day by day, thus ensuring the investor great profitability returns.


A Map of the best areas for buying property in Istanbul, Turkey

There are many areas that are given priority by construction companies in building real estate projects, and Istanbul has shifted its four directions in recent years as poles for housing and investment, especially with the increase in the number of foreign investors who want to buy property in Turkey, and the following we have chosen for you some of the most popular areas by investors and the actual best for investment In terms of luxury and profitability:


One of the most competitive real estate in the Istanbul real estate market is the real estate of Kucukcekmece, this region which is located in the western side of the European side of Istanbul, close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, which made it one of the most tourist attractions as it approaches the vital roads E5 and TEM in addition to Ataturk Airport which will turn into the largest Garden in the world, as it includes many shopping centers, luxury stores, industrial and cultural centers, hotels and infrastructure facilities.


Beyoglu real estate is suitable for those looking for sophistication when buying property in Istanbul, especially as the area is close to the historic Fatih area, and it includes many famous attractions and places in Istanbul such as Taksim Square and Galata Tower and its richness in various types of transportation, such as the tramway.


Living in the Eyup region is matched by all standards of comfort and luxury due to the availability of various means of transportation and the fastest ever, such as the metrobus line and the cable car, which makes it easy and fast to reach, Eyup real estate is famous for its proximity to distinctive tourist attractions such as the Eyup Sultan Mosque in addition to many luxury restaurants and popular markets that sell various types of artifacts and fabric of an Islamic character.


The properties of the Asian side of Istanbul, in turn, are of great importance, such as the archaeological Atasehir, close to the Bosphorus Bridge, where buying property in Istanbul, means the proximity to luxury villas, gardens and many entertainment centers.

Ataşehir is distinguished for becoming a new center of finance and business in Istanbul, as it includes the Turkish Central Bank and many high-rise towers.


Esenyurt real estate is almost present in all offers for buying property in Istanbul as the region has turned into the most promising places adjacent to other regions that attract many investors such as Avcilar, Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir.

The investor in Esenyurt will ensure that the property is close to the TEM and E5 highways

In addition to the famous Torium Mall, the fairground of Tuyap and many parks and green spaces that form spaces suitable for children playing and holidaying for families.

Esenyurt has gained the attention of the urban transformation zone in Istanbul the interest of many foreign investors and so they became a majority in it.


Buying property in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu is one of the most successful options for several reasons, including the fact that the region is considered a museum open to the open air due to the diversity of its historical monuments and its charming view of the Marmara Sea.

Zeytinburnu is known as Istanbul transportation node, as it is one of the few regions that collect all types of transportation.

And the successive civilizations of the region of Zeytinburnu led by Byzantine and Ottoman, and this is evident in the number of mosques and churches that contain it.


Among the most popular real estate located in the heart of the green areas, valleys, streams, and singing nature are Bahcesehir properties that Turkish VIPs head to, as it contains many vital areas and major facilities such as hospitals and also occur on the road leading to Istanbul Airport.


Property ownership in Başakşehir means investing in one of the largest areas and most serviced in view of the volume of advanced transportation in it , hospitals and universities, culture houses, shopping centers, Ataturk Stadium and many other facilities. 

In general, these areas and others are witnessing a steady increase in the prices for buying property in Istanbul in general, which is a result of the huge interest that the Turkish government gives to it by building more infrastructure, transportation and shopping centers.