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Chocolate museum... the deliciousness of chocolate with the beauty of Istanbul

متحف الشوكولا في اسطنبول... معالم تاريخية بنكهة سرية:

Just by walking at any of Istanbul’s streets and you’ll feel like you are at a big open museum as it is rich of many historical monuments in addition to the different types of museums, and one of the most famous of which is the “Pelit Chocolate Museum” one of the most #important_touristic_places_in_Turkey.

This museum is literately a real haven for both chocolate and history lovers and that’s because of the chocolate sculptures that are found in it and which are 100% made of chocolate and where every group of these sculptures represent a different era of the Turkish and the International history, in addition to the statues of Turkish and international famous characters.

And of the most interesting arts that can be found in this unique museum we mention;

Mehmet Fatih Sultan, Einstein, Monaliza and many other famous characters’ statues, in addition to sculptures of worldwide known monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Hagia Sofia and other important and historical buildings and places.

The museum consists of 4 big main halls with a 25,000m2 space area.

The first of which contains sculptures from the nature like animals and trees,

And the second hall is all about #Istanbul city and it’s important monuments like the #Bosporus_Bridge and the #Blue mosque.

When you inter the third one, you’ll be captured by the professionally made and detailed sculptures of the different famous Turkish and international characters then, the fourth hall we’ll take you back to your childhood as you see all your favorite cartoon and Disney characters there.

The Chocolate Museum is located at Esenyurt and can be easily reached by the bus or the Metrobus and it opens its doors every day of the week from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm.

So, when you come to Turkey to relax, explore or invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, don’t miss the chance to visit the Chocolate Museum to get introduced to the Turkish and the world’s history while enjoying the delicious chocolate at the same time.