Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey 2021 .. Is it a good decision!

Commercial real estate in turkey 2021

commercial real estate in turkey 2021

Turkey 2021 predictions are heading for a new breakthrough in all economic sectors after it was able to defeat Corona in the year 2020 with all its difficulties and challenges due to the large spread of the epidemic, which has tested different areas, including what remained resilient, similar to real estate in Turkey, which has shown strength in the face of the negative effects and repercussions of the pandemic .

According to the expectations of experts in the real estate field in Turkey for the year 2021, commercial real estate will occupy a large place in the list of most-purchased properties after residential properties in Turkey during 2021 for several reasons, which we will detail later.

If you are interested in buying commercial real estate in Turkey for the sake of investment, we recommend that you read the following article, which will shed light on the nature of investment in commercial real estate and the profits that it will achieve, how successful real estate investment in commercial real estate and the future of this type of real estate in Turkey during the year 2021 and in the long term.

Types of commercial real estate in Turkey 2021

Tips for buying commercial real estate in Turkey 2021

Why is investing in commercial real estate in Turkey a good decision?

Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey.


The best opportunities to buy commercial real estate in Turkey 2021

Types of commercial real estate in Turkey 2021

The Turkish real estate market is considered one of the best investment options at all, and in particular the real estate market in Istanbul, where some official reports indicated that the year 2021 for the real estate market in Turkey will be the year of foreign investments with distinction, especially with signs of global vaccination against the Corona epidemic, and the return of life to normal after Close for one year.

In addition to this the series of facilities and the large package of incentives that the Turkish government periodically provides to foreign investors on its territory in the real estate field, similar to granting the possibility of installments to foreign investors and exempting them from some taxes, in addition to the amendment of the law of granting Turkish citizenship to those who own property in Turkey, where the value has been reduced from one million $ 250,000 to $ 250,000, in a precedent that aroused the approval of many around the world.

Among the most important real estate that can be relied upon during 2021 are commercial real estate due to its distinctive investment nature and its high profitable returns for its exploiters with the availability of large commercial activity in Turkey as a tourist country commensurate with many types of trade.

The following is Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment in Turkey that offers you the most types of commercial properties bought by foreign investors in Turkey, in addition to the most effective types that achieve profits and high financial returns:

hotel Apartments

Office apartments





Shopping Center


Conference and event halls

Each type of commercial real estate has its own advantage, and its abundant financial profits related to the nature of activity in a country like Turkey is a commercial tourist par excellence, which means achieving abundant profits in a short time.

Tips before buying commercial real estate in Turkey 2021

Buying commercial real estate for sale in Turkey 2021 means guaranteeing one of the most profitable real estate deals in Turkey, so Al-Huda is keen to provide a set of advice for those wishing to own a commercial property, among the most important of which are:

Choosing a reliable real estate company that will help you make the best choice according to your goals and budget with its great ability to negotiate real estate prices in Turkey and ensure real discounts for Sanal Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment in Turkey, which has a solid partnership relationship with various major construction companies in Turkey.

One of the most prominent real estate that attracts the foreign investor are office apartments and hotel apartments in Istanbul due to the high profit return they provide, given that these properties are characterized by ease of leasing and with a long-term contract because the tenant establishes an office and his workplace and his stay in it will be prolonged for years so as not to lose his customers who Accustomed to his location.

We must mention to our esteemed customers who are coming to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul with a commercial office system, they must choose the strategic location close to the transportation network, hotels and commercial centers, so that their investment will be successful.


In the event that the investor is heading towards hotel apartments, there are many construction companies that offer a rental guarantee with a distinct profit return, and the investor can manage his property through reliable real estate companies in Istanbul. We note that Al-Hoda Investment and Real Estate Development Company provides property management services.

Istanbul is the first tourist city, so it will be easy to rent hotel apartments continuously, and here we advise you when choosing your commercial apartment, it is desirable that the city center be in an area that has services and has distinctive views, and it can also be close to the airport.

In the event that the investor's capital is large, we advise him to go towards the largest investment, which is the construction projects, where he can buy a plot of land suitable for construction in an area close to transportation and public facilities, and start investing it from the first steps, where it is possible to build a hotel or a commercial complex and even a residential building and all These investment options give him an ideal profit.

Investing in warehouses and warehouses is also one of the right options when buying a property in Turkey of a commercial nature, due to the large number of factories and institutions that declare their need for warehouses and warehouses for their goods and products, and here the leasing is a very successful deal for any investor who is about to buy commercial real estate in Turkey.


Why is investing in commercial real estate in Turkey a good decision?

Thousands of foreign businessmen of various nationalities in the world chose Turkey exclusively as a home for their commercial investments, and the beginning was by purchasing a property with a purely commercial nature.

Turkey's choice of investment was not arbitrary, but rather it was a choice based on the foundations of successful real estate investment in a country that occupies the forefront in Europe and the Middle East, and a promising market due to the great facilities periodically provided by the Turkish government, whether by enacting incentive laws or issuing encouraging decisions on investment of various kinds, especially commercial ones.

Investment of all kinds, especially commercial ones.

In the last decade, the Turkish government has been presenting a package of courageous investment decisions that have caused a real revolution in real estate and in the world of finance and business, whether for Turkish citizens or foreigners wishing to buy commercial real estate in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Turkey remained steadfast despite all the setbacks that affected the country, whether those resulting from global crises such as the Corona crisis or those contrived such as 2018 when the value of the Turkish lira decreased against the dollar due to American pressure, which is another evidence that thinking about buying real estate in Turkey Whether apartments for sale in Istanbul, for example, or buying commercial real estate, it is a right decision, given its high profitability returns in the short and long term.

For its part, the Corona crisis did not happen in the real estate sector in Turkey, which has remained steadfast with its usual vitality and permanent activity.

As we mentioned, every foreign investor before thinking about real estate investment in Turkey, specifically while buying commercial real estate in Istanbul, must seek the help of a reliable real estate company, similar to Al-Hoda Real Estate Investment, which provides all facilities regarding the procedures and transactions of real estate ownership.

For example, commercial real estate in Istanbul, as mentioned earlier, is divided into shops, offices and residential buildings that can be converted into commercial, industrial and retail properties.

The prices of commercial real estate in Istanbul are considered low compared to the rest of the major cities in the world, and the costs of owning them are very small, compared to its high investment returns, in buying a commercial property such as an office, for example, in a residential complex in one of the promising areas and re-leasing it, which achieves great profits for its owner in a short time.

In this regard, Baraa, an investor from Saudi Arabia, says: “Since I bought an office in Beylikduzu and rented it, I got my capital back within 6 years, and now I am making huge profits due to the increase in rental prices of commercial real estate in Istanbul year after year, and I advise all those who want to search for A profitable investment environment. Going to Istanbul, but to Beylikduzu in particular, in which I also bought a residential property for the ultimate stability. "


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey

Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey 2021 means walking on one of the best paths to achieving financial profits and high returns in Turkey, in addition to that, a foreigner who has purchased a property in Turkey of a commercial nature can benefit from:

Granting Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property of a commercial nature of $ 250,000 instead of $ 1 million in the past, or making an economic investment of $ 500,000.

Investing in the Turkish real estate sector, which is one of the largest markets in the global market, especially as it has won wide confidence from foreign investors who strongly offer various offers for sale of apartments in Turkey.

The speed of growth, diversity and competition of the Turkish economy in the market compared to other countries.

The large number of commercial real estate projects that the Turkish state ensures its construction, attractiveness, good reputation for quality and respect for delivery dates, especially those that are under construction with the guarantee of the Turkish government.

Low costs and prices of commercial real estate in Turkey compared to major capitals such as the capitals of European countries.

Low standard of living, as living expenses are considered the lowest in the world in the event of undertaking a commercial project and finally settling in Turkey.

Low costs of transactions for the purchase of commercial real estate in Turkey 2021 in general, whether in terms of prices or taxes and fees.

Turkey is one of the countries in which the return on investment is high, as all experiences of buying apartments in Turkey have been successful with the aim of investment by local and foreign investors alike.

Turkey contains major vital facilities such as the new Istanbul airport, the largest in the world, the Istanbul water canal, its giant bridges, its technological city "Techno Park" and other mega projects that serve the commercial real estate investment mainly affected by this type of projects.

Turkey is distinguished by its charming nature and a wonderful climate, which made it a tourist country par excellence, with millions flocking to it annually, and thus the need for hotel facilities and tourist homes increases, and that motivated investors to buy apartments in Turkey with the aim of re-renting them in the tourist seasons as the statistics indicate that they were able to achieve large profits in short periods In addition to that, investing in hotel apartments and shops directed to commercial projects such as restaurants is guaranteed to profit.


2021 will be your year of investment in Turkey, do not lose any more time, and accept the first step now and contact Al-Huda.