Common Errors when Buying A Property in Turkey

اشتباهات رایج در زمان خرید املاک در ترکیه

So far, there are many articles on mistakes and tips that you should follow or read or will read when buying a property in Turkey.

This article is for people who need more useful information. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Visit the property before raising capital

Visiting the property before raising capital is especially true for Iranian clients applying to buy property in Turkey. Note that studying before investing is one of the requirements of any investment. Still, the right way to study, especially when buying property in Turkey, is not to visit the property!

Prices are always changing and rising! Construction project sales offices will not reserve the desired unit for a property buyer in Turkey for more than two months, even if they pay a down payment (they will also keep the down payment as compensation for fainting in the transaction) and Dozens of other things will take away the opportunity to visit and think again.

Also, if the capital is ready, you will visit construction projects in Istanbul aimlessly, which will not result in anything but confusing you more than before.

Due to the momentary increase in prices, it has happened to the clients of Al-Huda Real Estate Investment and Sales Consulting Company that the applicant to buy a property in Turkey has a project in terms of quality and aesthetics, but after a certain period of time due to price increases Buying a property is not the same Note that increasing the property rate in Turkey is one of the biggest investment benefits for the applicant to buy a property in Turkey, but after the purchase!

Lack of trust in the consultant

I would like to point out that most of the applicants for buying property in Turkey, after talking and consulting with dozens of companies and real estate consultants in Turkey, choose a consultant and a real estate office that they do not trust!!!

Rest assured that real estate investment and sales consulting companies, especially in Turkey, due to the multiplicity of contracts with construction projects in Turkey, will offer you the best ones according to your purpose and level of capital, and therefore there is no need to insist. They are not on a specific construction project.

Also keep in mind that all real estate investment and sales consulting companies are service providers, and it is these services that distinguish this type of company from real estate sales offices and real estate brokerage offices, so you can be sure that the company's goal is to provide services.

It is not just a sale of real estate and in the end, you can be sure that investment consultants and real estate sales will provide you with the best offers and services for your satisfaction because the income of sales consultants of investment consulting and real estate companies is fixed salary. And it does not depend only on the commission resulting from the sale!!!

Lack of accurate information

Applicants to buy property in Turkey do not provide complete information to the consultant due to lack of trust in the consultant and due to wrong mentality, and their top priority is the level of capital that they intend to spend! Dear friend, Tough projects in Turkey, especially in the city of Istanbul, vary from $ 50,000 to infinity.

To receive accurate and practical advice, you must provide accurate information to your consultant. Information is the tool of every consultant. You will not receive complete and practical!

Determine the level of capital you want to be sure that because of the government appraisal law, no one can sell you a property even an expensive one!

Incorrect study and concentration information

Most of the content on the websites is wrong due to changes in rules, conditions, and prices due to not being up to date! It seems that the most accurate information can be obtained by comparing different contents, but the best way to obtain information for a property purchase applicant in Turkey is to receive accurate and up-to-date information from the consultant, and not the contents and news presented on websites and cyberspace!