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Corona doubled the exports of this Turkish product by 10

Corona doubled the exports of this Turkish product by 10

Just as the Corona crisis contributed to setbacks in many sectors of the global economy, at the same time it pushed other sectors to achieve a qualitative leap and records that would not have been possible without this  pandemic.

In Turkey, the hand sanitizer exports sector has exceeded all expectations due to the change in the new cleaning and sterilization habits of all the people of the world, which have become imperative due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, and for this reason, that Turkish exports of the hydrochloric hydrophilic sterilized gel multiplied by more than ten times during the first four months of 2020 That is, since the onset of the Corona pandemic, given the sharp rise in the demand for sterilizers by the various countries of the world that have been affected by the pandemic and have spread at an accelerated rate.

It should be noted that Turkey managed to achieve a leap in the sterile export sector despite the restrictions imposed for several weeks on the export process of various products.

In the latest data published by the Association of Exporters of Chemicals and Chemical Products in Istanbul, it stated that Turkey's total exports of sterilizers and gels reached 90 million dollars between January and April 2020, that is, during the first four months of this year compared to revenues estimated at 8.6 million dollars during the same period of the year 2019.

The recorded figure, which is 90 million US dollars , became an important source of income for Turkey during the Corona Distress, which forced many companies and institutions active in exports to suspend their activities temporarily, especially during the months of peak proliferation.

With the pandemic beginning to become a circumstantial blockade, according to Adil PELİSTER, executive director of the Association of Chemical Exporters of Chemicals and Products in Istanbul, work on the export of sterilizers is still going on, but will be more intense and at a faster pace during the coming months, especially with the Turkish government lifting restrictions on the export of gel materials based on alcohol derivatives.

During the pandemic, several new lines were established for the production of sterilizers in Turkey, which led to achieving self-sufficiency in the country, and the absence of any scarcity, unlike some countries that have experienced scarcity in selling sterilizers in various pharmacies and points of sale.

In this regard, PELİSTER said that despite the restrictions imposed on Turkey, like other countries in the world, it was able to create an exception and increase the exports of antiseptics.

He added: "Although Turkey, like other countries in the world, has entered the stage of easing procedures due to the low infection of the Coronavirus, we expect to maintain sterilization and hygiene habits for a long time, which means continued heavy demand for sterilizers in the near and distant future."

 The data of the Association of Chemicals Exporters and Products in Istanbul indicated that during the month of April alone, exports of gels increased by almost 40%, in addition to the increase in the activity of many Turkish companies to produce more quantities of sterile gel for the hands.

In general, Turkey knows within its customs, both in homes and even in some mixed places, such as restaurants, to provide cologne, which contains 70% of ethanol as a substitute for sterilizer, which would reduce domestic demand in favor of providing the hard currency resulting from the export.

Alcoholic products were not the only ones that witnessed an unexpected rise during the Corona crisis, but other economic sectors achieved a surprise, such as the real estate sector, where property  in Turkey, for example, achieved record numbers through online sales, as well as thanks to prices of Turkey properties, which have witnessed  large discounts in conjunction and the home quarantine that forced most of the investors to postpone their projects

If the official directorates in Turkey, backed by real estate companies, haven’t put forward alternative plans to buy property in Turkey via the Internet without the need to travel.