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Did you hear about Abant lake in Turkey?

هل قمت بزيارة بحيرة ابانت في تركيا من قبل

Every year Turkey attracts a lot of tourists, as it has the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_the_world.

And where its monuments vary from natural to the historic sites. And one of these remarkable sites is the Abant lake which is located at Bolu province 280 km away from #Istanbul city.

The space area of the Abant lake is almost 1028 km with a depth of 18 m, and it’s surrounded by mountains from every side, these mountains are featured with its richness of green spaces which are formed from different types of trees like pine, oaks, willow and hazelnuts trees. The area which surrounds the lake is considered a nature reserve for different species of animals like deer, pigs, brown bears and foxes.

The lake of Abant is known by its sweet water and it was formed long time ago because of the Tectonic movements which have formed the northern Anatolian rift, and that’s made a perfect place for rain water and snow, and today it generally get frozen in the winter as a result of the cold wind which get through it.

Abant lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Turkey, which attracts local and foreign tourists, making the best escape from the city’s loud lifestyle, so you can throw yourself between the arms of the mother nature, where you can make a lot of activities by the lake like renting a bicycle or a horse carriage, you can also ride horses.

There are a lot of nice and elegant hotels around the lake’s site which open its doors at all seasons as the Abant lake attracts tourists at all times, because it’s always charming, where at Spring it’s decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers and at the winter it’s the perfect site for some skiing.

If you are willing to visit Turkey this year for tourism or investing or you want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city then, you have to visit the magnificent Abant lake to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the heart of the beautiful nature.