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These types of hotels are the most attended for tourism in Turkey in the presence of Corona

السياحة في تركيا

Tourism in Turkey in the first 4 months of this year 2020 was the most affected sector by the effects of the Corona pandemic in the world, where Turkey as a tourist country and the tourism sector has witnessed a record decline, after Turkey received more than 50 million tourists from various countries last year, to enjoy the best tourist places in Istanbul and the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey as a whole, such as Antalya, Trabzon and Bursa.

The decline in Turkey has not stabilized for long, as the relevant authorities rushed to establish a special program for the 2020 holiday in Turkey that guarantees safe tourism for local and foreign visitors, and re-breathes a sector that is pivotal in the Turkish economy, relying mainly on the rules of social distancing and measures to prevent Coronavirus.

The authorities responsible for tourism in Turkey were not satisfied with the safe tourism program only, so,an alternative was created for hotels to spend the 2020 holiday in Turkey, such as caravans adjacent to the beaches and distributed in various green spaces and also resort to accommodation on board the yachts which have become a great demand by individuals and families .


The destinations of tourism in Turkey 2020 also changed in order to find safe places that would balance between the unbridled desire to visit the most beautiful places in Istanbul and the prevention of coronavirus and not being infected. In this regard, the demand grew about a different version of hotels, which are "villa hotels" that received many visitors in Turkey, as soon as life begins to return to normal, coinciding with the retreat of the Corona virus and the resumption of activities in many Turkish tourist facilities after a pause that lasted from mid-March 2020 to early June.

What are "villa hotels" and how did they welcome tourists in Turkey 2020?

Within the villas hotels in Turkey, each hotel is built in the form of separate villas within one region that is often built in the arms of nature, such as tourist hotels in Sakarya in the northwest of Turkey.


The hotels of villas in Sakarya state were known for the double turnout, especially in the areas near Lake Sapanca due to its picturesque location in the arms of virgin nature, as it is one of the best tourist places in Turkey and the most suitable for relaxation amid calm and greenery.


And most of the tourist places in Sakarya, which have returned to activity after a 3-month shutdown, providing services to tourists in dozens of villas and separate homes to satisfy the desires of families and individuals who want to spend their holidays in isolation without crowding and mixing with a guarantee of enjoying the fresh air and wonderful views, of the sea and green areas.


And most of the tourism establishments in Turkey took advantage of the long closing period, to carry out the largest sterilization of all service facilities used by tourists during their tours and also in the rehabilitation of old facilities or those that need to be renewed, and that According to the preventive rules issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health and sent to various tourist establishments in Turkey.


The hotel villas came on top of Turkish tourism establishments that adhered to the basics of sterilization, in addition to regular hotels that were re-adapted according to the rules of social separation as common spaces.


Hotel villas, one of the best secluded holiday spaces, have received many reservations requests as soon as the gradual return to normal life begins, mostly Turkish and foreign tourists in each of Istanbul, Ankara and Kocaeli provinces.


Each of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Health in Turkey obligated all tourism institutions to operate only 50% of their operating capabilities, such as hotel owners exploiting 50% of the rooms to ensure the spacing in the residence of tourists and avoid any possibility of transmission of Corona infection in the event that one of the tourists was infected without knowing and showed symptoms during his stay.


In general, the general taste of tourists in the world and in Turkey in particular has changed towards every tourist establishment that provides the most isolation and distance such as hotel villas, caravans, country houses, tourist apartments with pools and hotels with special services.


The speed of finding and creating alternative ways of tourism in Turkey that differs from the time before Corona, and also the great demand for tourists to various service facilities directly with the return of life to their nature, highlight once again the place of tourism in Turkey, which advances every year more in the global ranking and attracts thousands of people to tourist places in Istanbul, Antalya and other vital cities in the sector.