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Do not buy property in Turkey in installment if you do not have these specifications available

property in Turkey in installment

Real estate prices in Turkey open the appetites of many foreign real estate investors who want to own them, as they find in Turkey a significant decrease compared to other global capitals where the property is experiencing a crazy rise despite its poor quality and the surrounding infrastructure and the nearby transportation network.

The decline in prices of property in Turkey alone was not a factor that attracted foreign investors, but the competitive offers provided by construction companies periodically, both for quality and charming real estate areas in which projects, designs and dazzling finishing of apartments, villas and other types of real estate are located, and also through the diversity and flexibility of payment mechanisms and from among them are various offers of "property in Turkey  in installments".

Buyers of property in Turkey in installments reap several benefits, the most important of which is obtaining an opportunity to own a property even if he does not have the full amount necessary to purchase a property in Turkey in installments at the present time, as the mechanism of paying the amount through a first installment and then making other payments in a convenient way is an option that is compatible quite with the desire of many investors who find offers that suit them guaranteed and do not want to miss them due to temporary financial hardship.

Also among the benefits is the foreign investor's shortening of time, especially since some apartments for sale in Turkey in installments range from five to ten years in installments, which makes the investor win the time that he would have lost in the event that the only payment mechanism available in the real estate offer is "cash" payment which means that it is impossible to buy the property at the moment.

The foreign investor also benefits from the method of buying property in Turkey in installments from the exclusive offers offered by construction companies to investors who are able to pay a large first installment of up to 50%, for example, where they benefit from significant discounts, and also if the investor decides to pay the remaining installments In one go, not to mention the advantages of buying a property with the launch of the cornerstone of the residential project.

The advantages of buying property in Turkey in installments extend to investors who want to own very luxurious properties, such as historical palaces, luxury villas, hotels, etc., where the recent legislative amendment in the real estate investment law in Turkey allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment if the foreign investor acquired property in Turkey in installments provided that the value of the installment or down payment is not less than 250 thousand USD.


Features of buying property in Turkey in installments

In fact, the process of buying property in Turkey in installments is not subject to any conditions or restrictions but, in desire of Alhuda real estate company and fulfilling its obligations to serve our valued customers and placing them in the full picture of the real estate investment process in Turkey and also highlighting all the specifications that must be met in the investor who wishes to own a property in Turkey in installment, we list to you below some of the specifications that must be provided so that no foreign investor finds himself in a difficult situation while paying various installments.

  • Every foreign investor must make sure that in the short time, he will not need the first installment money to avoid any financial distress that might hinder the payment of the rest of the installments of buying a property in Turkey by installments.
  • Every foreign investor must make sure that the agreement between him, the construction company, or the seller in general, regarding the monthly installments, is appropriate for his monthly income so that he can pay in a timely manner without any delay.
  • Every foreign investor must realize that the larger the down payment, the better it will gain on the remaining installments and the total value of the property.
  • Every foreign investor should search and seek golden offers offered by construction companies, especially in terms of long-term repayment periods that sometimes amount to ten years, while searching for offers that also provide a decrease in the proportion of the first installment.

In conclusion, we remind all those who wish to obtain comfortable installment options with complete and reliable accompaniment during the process of buying property in Turkey, that Alhuda Real Estate company provides distinctive offers, suitable prices and excellent discounts that suit the capabilities of all foreign investors, especially of nationalities, Arab, Pakistani, Afghani, Iranian And Russian.