Do the Palestinian document holders have the right to own a property in Turkey? | Alhuda

Do the Palestinian document holders have the right to own a property in Turkey?

مطارأتاتورك الدولي في تركيا إلى أين؟

Turkey has opened its doors to the foreign investors who wants to buy #apartments_in_Istanbul and properties in the other Turkish cities. The Turkish government provides all the needed facilities to make the process of purchasing a property for foreign and Arab investors easier.

Where the Turkish government has approved a law in 18\9\2018 that gives the Turkish citizenship for those who own a property that worth 250 thousand USD or more in Turkey. Except for the (Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi etc.) Palestinian document holders.

Where they weren't allowed to own #properties_in_Turkey. But as the Turkish government intends to encourage the Palestinian investors especially those who are known as the document holders and for human motives the Turkish government has decided to end their suffering by approving a new law in 6\3\2019 that was released by the Turkish foreign affairs department which is affiliate to the land Registry. This law gives the Palestinian document holders to own #properties_in_Turkey.

No matter how much the property worth and whether if the purpose of purchasing it was to get the Turkish citizenship or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul or in any other city in Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that a document holder should have an accommodation permission from the migration department, in order for him to be capable to own and #buy_apartments_in_Turkey.

This law has also given the document holders the ability to complete the purchasing process of a #property_in_Turkey through a legal agent who has a translated and registered power of attorney by a notary or through Turkish embassies and consulates abroad.

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