Don't let anyone fool you ... and put the real estate market in your grip

Don't let anyone fool you ... and put the real estate market in your grip

Real Estate Market

It is true that the foreign investor is not required to be an expert in the Turkish real estate market to buy a house, apartment or commercial store, but he must make sure that the first successful investment is knowledge, even in principle, of all aspects of real estate investment in Turkey.

From this standpoint, Al Huda company’s team of experts put real estate investment in the hands of our esteemed clients.

This article explains the most important factors controlling the real estate market in Turkey and controlling the transactions of buying and selling, which makes those who want to invest fully aware of how to enter the real estate sector and most importantly, success in buying a property in Turkey in order to ensure returns and a profitable investment from it later.

Offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul abound, sale of apartments in Turkey, farm for sale in Turkey, villas for sale in Turkey and others, but which of these offers is most appropriate and according to what the customer chooses?

The most correct choice, as mentioned above, must be made according to the factors governing the real estate market, in which we will detail the following:


The political situation of the country:

One of the most important factors that affect the investment environment, but create or kill it, which you must know as an investor is the political situation of the country, and for Turkey, be sure that it is the most stable environment in the Middle East where the country is living in a state of political equilibrium for more than 15 years, and its people are also considered among the most politically aware people, as the changes in the ruling parties and the public scene do not cause any destabilization in public life, and Turkish public opinion has shown over the past years a great ability to adapt to the democracy of choice and the conduct of political crises, making Turkey the most attractive country in the world to economic and real estate investments in particular.


State laws and legislation

Legislative texts in countries that target investment are very important, as they may succeed or discourage your investment, and for Turkey, it has known a legal leap in recent years by abolishing the reciprocity law, which gave foreigners of all their nationalities the right to own property in Turkey and to invest without conditions or restrictions.

And Turkey is one of the few countries with legislative openness, as it is one of the seventh impossible to find in major countries the size of legal provisions stipulating the acquisition of Turkish citizenship with a real estate investment of 250 thousand dollars only.

The volume of tourism in the country

Tourism indicates the extent of service mobility in the country to which you are heading, and therefore the extent of the effectiveness of your real estate investment in the event of choosing to rent it as its value increases especially in the seasons of tourism, and for Al Huda real estate company’s investment projects, make sure that they are all designed in proportion to the specifications required by tourists as the  modern residential complexes are equipped with high-quality services and world-class facilities.

Economy of the investment country

The economic situation of the country reflects the state of investment, especially real estate, and for Turkey, which is experiencing significant economic growth and an unprecedented renaissance, especially in terms of the volume of trade and export exchanges and various types of industries, then you are sure that you are investing in the right country completely, where all expectations indicate more recovery in the economy Turkish.

The nature of the investment area

One of the things that must be paid attention to and which is a strong factor in controlling the purchase price of property in Turkey is the region in which real estate investment is made, i.e. the city as it was promising and eligible for increased demand and ensuring a continuous rise in the "property prices" in it or vice versa.

Population distribution in the investment area

Among the factors that you should check during choosing an investment area are statistics related to the population distribution such as age, social status of its residents, population growth rate, i.e. whether it is a populated or empty area, where these indicators play a big role in increasing the demand for properties in the region.

The geographical location and area of the property

The geographical location of the property plays a direct role in influencing the financial value of the property, so choosing a property in a promising city and on a main street and next to service facilities "malls, sports clubs, schools ..." is not like choosing a property in an area where it is difficult to find any vital service that increases the property’s shares in the future, you should also focus on the area of the property and advise you here to avoid narrow  that may hinder your investment later.

Features of the real estate project

As an investor, you should see all the services "maintenance, security, guarding, cleaning ..." and the features that characterize the real estate project in which you want to buy apartments in, increase the purchase demand volume, and here we mean the beauty of design, luxury finishes, prices, even if it is within a group of buildings, villas, or a commercial property within service complexes or service areas, as these features contribute to your comfort and profitability.

Proximity to vital projects and transportation

One of the most important points in choosing a property is its presence in a place that is easy for everyone to reach, i.e. how close it is to transportation networks “Metro, Tramway, Metro Bus, Buses, Taxis…” as well as how far it is from the major vital projects taking place in Turkey that will increase the value of the property in future such as Istanbul New Airport, Istanbul Canal, major hotels and highways.

Architectural views

One of the most important factors affecting the increase in the value of investment and the increase in demand for it is the focus of construction companies in Turkey on designing attractive architectural facades and views for the property to be marketed, as prices vary in different ways and this should not reduce its importance while purchasing a property in Istanbul or any other Turkish city.

Real estate payment methods

Before talking about the price of the property, you must first compare it with the rest of the real estate in neighboring or similar projects in design, and then you should familiarize yourself with the methods of payment and the approved financial systems and the extent to which they include facilities and discounts, as this important information helps you in choosing the financial system that matches your financial capabilities.

Construction company reputation in the market

You have to collect enough information about the construction company charged with building your property, as this is the best, shortest and easiest way to know the extent of adherence to delivery times, the extent of problems in dealing with customers, the real prices of the property in the market, and this background contributes greatly to creating a clear picture that encourage you to buy the property or not, here Al Huda Real Estate company provides you with the service for free by giving you all the details of the construction company and its reputation in the Turkish real estate market.

Project delivery date

After knowing the reputation and commitment of the construction company, you should see the percentage of completion in the project you have chosen and the date set for delivery, i.e. after 4 months or after a year or more.

The legal status of the property

One of the serious and important matters before investing and controlling it is to see all building permits and their safety, which is provided by Al Huda Real Estate company through its lawyers who inform clients of all the papers related to the property to be sold in Turkey.


Those who know the basics of excellence in life say, "If you want success, know how to run your business in the time available." And now you are familiar with all the factors involved in the Turkish real estate market based on many indicators, you have come a long way from the investment success, if you are interested in buying a property in Istanbul at the moment, do not waste any more time and embark on a successful investment through Al Huda Real Estate company, which puts before you a variety of services and distinguished offers of property in Turkey.