Earthquake insurance for properties in Turkey:

Earthquake insurance for properties in Turkey:

تأمين الزلازل على العقارات في تركيا

When you want to buy a property in Turkey, there are several steps, documents and papers that must be completed and taken care of in order for a full and legal purchase process without problems

Among these things that are among the basics of establishing and owning a property in Turkey is what is known as earthquake insurance in Turkey.

From the date of imposing this insurance, about 9 million construction has been secured in Turkey, and it includes about 52% of the buildings in Turkey, while the next plans may include access to about 18 million construction in Turkey insured against earthquakes.


What is earthquake insurance in Turkey?

It is a compulsory insurance for all types of properties in Turkey, whether residential or non-residential, as it covers the expenses of repairing the damage to the property that is secured against earthquakes if they are exposed to an earthquake or natural disasters.

The decision to impose this insurance, i.e. earthquake insurance in Turkey, came after the famous Marmara earthquake in 1999

Where the "Natural Disaster Insurance" Corporation, known as DASK, was established and is the body responsible for extracting earthquake insurance in Turkey, and this institution is supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Finance.

This earthquake insurance is extracted once, with the beginning of construction of the property, in order to obtain specific services that can only be obtained remotely to pay earthquake insurance in Turkey, and from these services are related to the payment of insurance, electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet

Earthquake insurance in Turkey is paid by the property owner and the tenant has nothing to do with the insurance.

The DASK document is a prerequisite when opening water, electricity and gas meters. This can only be done after paying the insurance value for the first time. Water, electricity and gas meters can be opened by the owner of the property himself, or the tenant, provided he gets a copy of the DASK seismic insurance policy.

Then, the property owner pays earthquake insurance on an annual basis, according to a specific date that will be determined by the DASK Corporation

As for the means through which earthquake insurance can be paid for: banks or the post office or insurance companies


What are the properties covered by earthquake insurance in Turkey and why it is considered important? 

Properties that are ready for housing such as apartments, buildings and villas in Turkey, of course, they have to be registered in the Land Registry Department in Turkey

Commercial properties such as offices registered in the Land Registry Office in Turkey 

Property accessories subject to property ownership law such as roofs, garages and utility facilities.

Government buildings and public services buildings are provided by the Turkish government to residents in times of disasters.

Buildings that meet construction requirements but do not have the building description “commercial or residential”

Buildings that have a title of "real estate easement": meaning that the building is under construction, but it meets the conditions of construction and real estate records, and holds the title of real estate easement.

The importance of extracting earthquake insurance for real estate in Turkey is for

Ensure the safety of the building and its resistance to earthquakes, which reduces the possibility of damage from earthquakes and contribute to repairing the damages that occur after any earthquake, tremor or environmental disaster, in addition to reducing expenses on property owners in Turkey when such disasters occur and the state with respect to rebuilding its institutions and public utilities If damaged by natural disasters.


Things covered by earthquake insurance in Turkey, extracted by the DASK Foundation in the event of an earthquake or natural disaster:

Building essentials and bases, walls, ceilings and floors, escalators and elevators, skylights, corridors, entrances, roofs and facilities

As for the human, physical and psychological losses, disruption and transportation costs to another home, the furniture is not covered by earthquake insurance in Turkey.

The value of earthquake insurance for properties in Turkey:

The value of earthquake insurance in Turkey is affected by the type of building, its location and structure, and it does not exceed annually $ 40 as a maximum for each apartment, and it is considered a relatively low value, and it is expected that at the beginning of this year updates will be made regarding the determination of the annual insurance value, as several considerations such as the height of the building and the floor number will be determined in determining Insurance value.

Today, most of the buildings in Istanbul's neighborhoods, especially the modern ones, are designed in a way that is resistant to earthquakes in general, and they are indicated by using high-quality building materials.


And with insuring earthquakes and natural disasters, it is a good and a safe idea to own an apartment in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey in general.