Where did foreign tourists spend the Eid al-Adha holiday in Turkey?

 عطلة الأضحى في تركيا

Although the holiday this year went through a limited pilgrimage and visits full of caution for fear of the loved ones and the sake of their health, Turkey refused to wear the dress of sadness, and its streets were delighted by the voices of passers-by and the laughter of children who put on their facemasks and respected the safety distance between them.

Similar to parks, public parks, and malls, cities themselves witnessed a large influx of visitors during the days of Eid, because they contain the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, and among these cities we find:

Duzce... The Pearl of the Black sea welcomes its lovers

Duzce is located in the northwest of Turkey, not far from the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, which made it gain a wide reputation among the tourists who come from all sides of the world.

And during the Al-Adha holiday in Turkey, Düzce, the pearl of the Western Black Sea region, has turned into a destination for many who chose to spend the Eid holiday amid calm and picturesque nature.


The attractive location of Düzce and its enchanting view of the Black Sea added a special touch to its golden beaches, in the forefront of which are the beaches of Akca Koca, which welcomed visitors who want to enjoy the sunshine, especially that the disruption prices are low compared to the rest of the tourist areas in Turkey.


Duzce, the bride of North Anatolia, knew the influx of tourists from all the neighboring regions, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Borsa, where they came to enjoy the diversity of its centers and tourist places that blend sophistication with beauty, and this made it over the past years a destination for millions of foreign tourists, especially since it is not far from Istanbul, as it is only 215 km away with a population exceeding 60 thousand people.


Duzce is characterized by indescribable beauty, in which green plains, pastures and many plateaus are found, the most famous of which is the "Karduz" plateau and the "Burnali" plateau, and the mountains of Duzce are covered with many trees, especially hazelnut trees and various types of fruits, while rivers and springs run through the city of Duzce which is surrounded by the Black Sea shores, This made its weather among the most beautiful climates in Turkey due to its moderation, especially as it is distinguished by its height from the surface of the Black Sea, as it contains many types of animals, migratory birds and rare plants that exceeded six centuries old.


Like what we mentioned, some many forests and highlands are covered with enchanting waterfalls flowing from the highest mountains, such as the "Samandra and Guzeldere" waterfall, where they are a destination for adventure lovers and rugged paths that end with overnight huts, restaurants to eat and traditional shops to buy all the supplies.


The name "Duzce" is associated with the sport of rowing with rubber boats in the River "Melen", as it is characterized by its nature suitable for camping and suitable for water adventure lovers and photo enthusiasts in the arms of nature.


In Duzce, the tourist finds many tourist hotels with wonderful designs in addition to being equipped with all amenities, luxury, and recreation to spend a quiet vacation


Abant Garden another natural destination for Eid Al Adha celebrations


In turn, the Abant Park, located in the charming city of Bolu in northwestern Turkey, was very crowded during the Eid Al-Adha holiday, whether by the Turks or foreigners who came to enjoy the scenic views and organized barbecue sessions in the embrace of charming nature.

The hotels of Abant, located between Istanbul and Ankara, were filled with tourists, while the roads leading to them were filled with vehicles that waited in long lines for their role to reach the Abant lake and park.


Tourists during the Al-Adha holiday spent their time practicing various activities such as walking, wandering, and fishing from the lake.


The Turks, foreigners, and tourists who came once the aviation was resumed to Turkey spent the most beautiful holiday in this picturesque country that owns the most beautiful tourist areas in which visitors found the vacation they were dreaming of in the time of Corona, especially in light of the observance of preventive measures with the application of the safe tourism program in Turkey.