Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park

حديقة اميرجان

Emirgan Park is located in Turkey in the city of Istanbul on the European side in the Sariyer region near the Istinye Park mall overlooking the Bosporus Strait formed a wonderful artistic painting in all of Turkey

Emirgan Istanbul park is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Istanbul, with an area of approximately 115 acres 

Emirgan Park is considered one of the tourist and archeological places in the city of Istanbul, which dates back to before the Byzantine eras, where it was called the Cypress Forest because the trees of Cypress covered the large areas of  it , In the era of the Ottoman Empire increased interest in the garden and planted about 150 various types of trees and flowers .

Emirgan Park is well known for the tulip flowers, which are spread in various colors and its name is associated with the garden, where was established for traditional tulip flower its own garden within Emirgan Park to revive the traditions of its cultivation.

In April of every year, an international festival is organized for tulips, as the whole garden turns into an exhibition of the most beautiful painting  painted by colored tulips.

Emirgan Park is divided into three suites called according to the colors of the flowers in it , which are the white suite , the yellow suite and the pink suite, and each suite of these suites is a wonderful artistic painting that expresses the beauty of the garden 

In Emirgan Park, there are many different trees, such as pine, cypress, oak, and beech, which hide squirrels within them, in addition to tables, fountains, and artificial waterfalls that flow into the water pool in the middle of Emirgan Park, which in it kinds of ducks and geese swim.  

It also contains two beautiful porcelain pools that  give it double beauty than its beauty

There are wide green spaces in Emirgan Park due to the large area where there are areas for picnics and sports such as walking and jogging. They are equipped with sports equipment and seats to sit and relax.

In addition to children's playgrounds equipped with children's games, there is also a playground dedicated to playing chess on the ground 

Emirgan Park is considered a place to relax for the Turks who go to rest and have a fun time with family and friends, or for tourists who go to enjoy its beauty and exploration.

As for the public utilities, the park includes all the facilities, such as bathrooms and a mosque, in addition to restaurants and cafes inside the park

Bebek Coast

Bebek coast is located in Bebek area in the European side of Istanbul, Bebek coast is one of the famous tourist places in Istanbul.

It is located on the Bosphorus strait near some of the tourist and archeological places, the most important of which is Emirgan Park, which is considered the most beautiful garden in Istanbul, and Rumeli Hisar Castle which is one of the most important and largest castles in Istanbul

the Bebek park it  is near the Bebek coast , which includes many huge and perennial trees in addition to the various plants and colorful flowers spread in it, it  is one of the most popular places of entertainment where there is the Bosporus and the children's playgrounds equipped with entertainment games

You can also visit the Asian Park, where you can enjoy calm in this green area, and it has family sessions with wonderful sea views.

You can also visit the Asian Poets Museum

 In addition to Ayazma Park and Cadillac Yacht Club, which is one of the best high-end tourist places in Istanbul, the Cadillac Club includes a huge marina for yachts and tourist ships that can be rented and take an enjoyable sea trip or enjoy fishing.


Close to the Bebek coast, there are many gigantic shopping centers and world-class department stores