ERDOĞAN: the Turkish exports returns will reach 200 billion dollars by the end of 2019

ERDOĞAN... the Turkish exports returns will reach 200 billion dollars by the end of 2019

أردوغان… الصادرات التركية سوف تتجاوز ال 200 مليار دولار مع نهاية 2019

The Turkish president #Recep_Tayyip_Erdoğan has announced that the value of the exports returns in #Turkey will be more than 200 billion dollars by the end of this year.

This statement came within the speech that the Turkish president has delivered during the conference of the Turkish exporters at the general assembly at #Istanbul city.

#Erdoğan has also cleared that the returns of the Turkish exports of the year 2018 were 168 billion dollars, and that the current data shows that it will be more than 200 billion by the end of 2019.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Turkey has achieved many big important successes during the past few years especially on the economic level as it was able to be present on the lead places between the big European economies.

On the other hand, the #Turkish_government has worked on other levels and matters other than the exports, by working on the development of the tourism sector especially as Turkey welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world every year thanks to the fact that it contains the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_the_world.

In addition to that the Turkish government has focused on following an active foreign policy in the matters that are related to the economy throughout the economic cooperation with other countries and establishing more partnerships and deals in order to encourage the foreign investment in Turkey.

Especially in the field of #real_estate_in_Turkey where the government made sure to oblige more laws to facilitate the investment in the Turkish real estate market for the foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul and other Turkish cities.