تأسيس عمل في تركيا:

Turkey has a prosperous and continuously developing economy, and the majority of its population are young people, numbering 30 million.

Thanks to its location, energy and infrastructure, Turkey is considered one of the most important countries in the world                                                          

There are 50 thousand foreign companies in Turkey, and the investment value is 12 billion dollars                                                                                          

You can make investments in Turkey as Turkish citizens                                 

You can enter into a partnership with the capital companies located in Turkey or establish your own company                                                                       

If you make an investment in Turkey with a value of at least $ 500,000 and this is confirmed by the Ministry of Economy, you will be entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship                                                                                                   

Work Permit                                                                   

1-To review the work permit, you must have signed an employment contract with the employer

2-The fees for the work permit are paid by the employer and he is not entitled to request them from you                                                                                   3- If you are under international protection, a refugee on terms or under temporary protection, you can only work in the city you are permitted to reside in. If you wish to work in another city, you must obtain permission from the Directorate of Immigration

4-If you are under temporary protection or have a work permit and the temporary       protection has ended, then the work permit is automatically canceled                  

5-When you review your work permit renewal, you can work in the same place for a period of 45 days from the date of expiry of the work permit that you will renew.

6-An employer who does not obtain a work permit for foreigners pays an administrative financial fine for every foreigner working for him without a work permit                    

7- There are rights and obligations for the employer and the worker. A foreign worker who possesses a work permit has the same rights and obligations as the Turkish worker.

Important note                                                                                      

When working without a work permit                                                                       

You are subject to a fine    

You cannot take advantage of the worker’s rights mentioned in the law              

Before you start working as a foreigner in Turkey, you must obtain a work permit, but if you are a refugee or are under secondary protection, you can work independently or not independently from the date you obtained the document                                                  

 The Ministry of Labor and Social Security is the ministry responsible for granting work   permits.

It is possible to review from inside or outside Turkey            

If you are coming from outside Turkey to work, you should check with the Turkish   embassy and do not forget to show data of the place of work that you will work or the contract of employment                                                                                                

Then the embassy sends your number to the workplace in order to start the process of obtaining a work permit                                                                                                 .

If you are a resident of Turkey and the validity of your residency is at least 6 months, or you are an auditor of international protection 6 months ago, or you are under temporary protection or a refugee on terms and holds the document 6 months ago, you have the                                                                                                                     right to review to obtain permit                                                                                     


Important note                                                                                                         

If you are under temporary protection and want to work as a seasonal worker in agriculture and animal welfare, you should check with the employment directorate personally in the city in which you live                                                                       

There are types of holidays in working life. The holidays are mentioned in the labor law.

If you work in a place and one year has passed since your work, you have the right to benefit from the annual holiday and the trial period includes the year

The duration of the annual vacation varies according to the time you spent at work.


Holidays are as follows                                                                                                

      If you have been working for a period of 1-5 years, at least 14 days

If you are at work for a period of 5-15 years, at least 20 days                              

If you have been at work for more than 15 years, at least 26 days                       

In the event that you leave for work before using the vacation, the employer must pay the fee to you                                                                                                                         .

In addition to the annual vacation, there are separations which you are entitled to use, namely                                                                                                                            :

At least 15 minutes every 4 hours or less                                                              

Half an hour for each period exceeding 4 hours or even seven and a half hours

An hour for each period exceeding seven and a half hours                                

Laws give holidays with an excuse, such as in the case of marriage, adoption, or the death of a father, mother, wife, husband, or child, and they are for 3 days, but in the event that your wife is born, you are entitled to a 5-day vacation                                                    


Official holidays                                                                                        

29 October  (Republic Day                    

1 January  (New Year)   

23 April  (The Day of Unity and Childre                                                                     

1 May (Labor and Work Day)

19 May  (Youth and Sports Day)                                                                                

15 July (Day of Democracy and National Unity )                                                        

August 30 (Victory Day                                                                                             

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are festive holidays