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Evisa services to enter turkey, and how to apply

كيف يمكنني الحصول على التاشيرة الالكترونية التركية

Turkey is an attraction center for foreigners from all around the world. Whether they are interested about visiting it or invest by buying #Property_in_Istanbul or the other cities in turkey.

Most notably is the care of the Turkish government about facilitating all the legal process for both tourists and investors. When of those facilitation ways were the e-visa which ensure the comfort for the traveler and making his entry to the airport as easy as possible.

Foreigner can access to get their e-visa by visiting the website: www.evisa.gov.tr , website provide visa services in multi languages , where simply you have to click on submit now in the up left corner of the website. Then you should enter your date of entering to turkey. More information you will be asked for to complete the process ( duration of stay, visa expenses, and the method of payment, ..etc) by continuing you simply will be asked to put your personal information and verify , in the end you will receive an email contains the visa, which you simply have to print and have it available in your arrival in turkey airport.