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معلومة عقارية

What are the factors of a successful real estate investment?

The answer for such a question includes many sides:

• First the property type: we have many types of properties such as, residential and commercial properties.

Residential properties like residential and hotel apartments.

Commercial properties like offices and stores.

In case the investor chose a residential property to put it for rent, we advise him with the hotel apartments that’s because it has high profits and the construction companies give an ensure rent for several years for such properties.

It worth mentioning that #Istanbul city is considered the first touristic city in Turkey, so it will be easy to put these hotel apartments for rent frequently.

We also advise you to get a property at a vital center in the city or near the airport with the basic services and nice views.

When the customer chooses the commercial properties whether to put it for rent or sell it later, or even to make it the headquarter of his business in Istanbul, this type of real estate investment is considered a successful investment with guaranteed high profits.

• Second the property’s location:

The property's location is the main factor for a successful investment.

We advise our customers and help them get properties at vital and serviced sites, where all type of facilities can be found like (transportations, universities, hospitals and shopping centers). These kinds of features make the property more wanted for rent and that means guaranteed profits for the investor.

In case the investor has a big capital then we advise him to head to the bigger investments like the construction projects, where he can buy a valid for construction piece of land and it better be in a good location which is close to the transportations and public utility, then he can invest in it from the beginning where he can build a hotel, shopping center or even a residential building and all of these investing options or projects have good and high returns and profits.