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Fatih district...Istanbul’s spirit

حي الفاتح في اسطنبول... تاريخ وحضارة

One of the biggest and most important neighborhoods in #Istanbul city in Turkey is the Fatih, as it is an ancient area with many historical treasures and monuments.

The history of Fatih goes back to 8000 years where its streets, walls and houses have witnessed the vanishing and the birth of many great civilizations throughout the years.

Fatih’s History:

This piece of #Istanbul city was the first witness of the Islamic rise in Turkey by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Fatih in the year 1453, and from him it’s got its name.

The young Sultan didn’t just give the Fatih his name, he’s also built many important places in it like #Fatih_mosque and the first Ottoman university.


As one of the oldest and biggest municipalities in the city Fatih contains most of #touristic_sites_in_istanbul, of which we mention Yavuz Selim mosque, Sulaymaniyah mosque, and Hırka-i Şerif Mosque which has the profit’s Muhammed (pbuh) gown.

In the Fatih many other historical and touristic sites can be found as well like, the Topkapi palace, the Egyptian Pazar, the Grand Pazar and many other monuments which hold the Ottoman and the Turkish identity in its architectural style and design.

Fatih Today:

It is considered the main vital center of the city which combines past with present and different cultures, in addition to its strategic location right in the heart of Istanbul where it’s surrounded by the #golden_horn, the sea of Marmara and the great walls of Constantinople.

These many and special features have put Fatih on the top list for foreign investors who come to Turkey to establish their business and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, in addition to that others prefer it to get a villa with a view on the Strait.

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