Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque

مسجد الفاتح

Istanbul is famous for its mosques, which were built since the city was opened by the Ottoman Sultans. Thousands of mosques in Istanbul were built in both its Asian and European departments.

The Ottoman Sultans constructed mosques in Istanbul and built them based on the old Ottoman architectural style. Mosques were built with the best and finest building materials accrediting the most beautiful specifications,  where they are leaving wonderful traces of large and distinctive mosques, which made them one of the most beautiful historical, archeological and religious monuments in Istanbul.

The largest and most important mosque in the city of Istanbul, the Mosque of Muhammad al-Fatih, according to the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih, who ordered its construction after he opened Constantinople, and there is also the tomb of Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih in the mosque. The famous architect Sinanuddin Yusuf built the Mosque of Muhammad al-Fatih by order of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih on the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church in 1463.

The Mosque of Muhammed Al-Fatih is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, in a high  area on one of the hills of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus Strait within the old city districts.

The Mosque of Muhammad al-Fatih is the first mosque to bear the names of the Ottoman Sultans

Al-Fateh Mosque in Istanbul embodies the art of Islamic architecture and urban beauty, as it combines two styles of Ottoman and Islamic architecture as a result of its exposure to many earthquake disasters, which led to its reconstruction of many times over the ages to remove the damage that the mosque  suffered from it , as it was almost completely rebuilt during the reign of Sultan Mustafa The III after the devastating earthquake in Istanbul in 1766

The first architectural style is the traditional Ottoman architectural style which is clearly apparent  in the mosque's courtyard, the main entrance gate and the lower parts of the minarets and the mihrab, which are still preserved in the form of its old building.

The other style that we find in the Al-Fateh Mosque is embodied in the remaining parts of the mosque, such as the dome of the mosque, which was completely rebuilt after it completely ruin  due to the devastating earthquake in 1766, the dome was built in the form of a central dome equipped with four small domes and supported by four Marble columns inscribed with the names of the caliphs Alrashidin , 

The mosque also consists of two identical minarets in shape, and the minbar is adorned with wonderful linear motifs in the design. The courtyard of the mosque is surrounded by many columns and arches, and in  the middle of the courtyard there is a place for ablution in addition to a water well within the mosque. On the south side of the courtyard is the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih, surrounded by an ornate glass wall and engraved on its walls. Quranic verses and hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

As for the solar clock engraved on the minaret of the mosque, it is considered one of the most important monuments and the most beautiful examples of solar clocks in history

Built around the Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque, a lot of buildings where was  left only a few of it . The mosque included eight schools, a library, a bathroom, a market, and a hospital in addition to many graves (from the wife of the Sultan Al-Fatih, ministers, leaders, writers and scholars)

Whereas, during the establishment of these schools, the Ottoman Sultan Muhammed Al Fateh was keen to secure all social, psychological, health and educational needs of science students, such as hospitals, libraries, and guesthouses, in order to encourage science and scholars

The Mosque of Muhammad Al-Fateh is considered the first Islamic compound in the era of the Ottoman Empire, as it was a center knowledge and faith


The Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih Mosque is considered one of the most important Islamic destinations in Istanbul, where Turkish and Muslim visitors come from all over the world, and it makes them feel the spiritual atmosphere because of its important place inside them.