Fatih neighborhood ... a tourist destination and an excellent location for buying properties in Istanbul:

Fatih neighborhood ... a tourist destination and an excellent location for buying properties in Istanbul:

حي الفاتح.. وجهة سياحية وموقع ممتاز لتملك العقارات في اسطنبول:

We all know that the city of Istanbul in Turkey is the largest incubator for the tourist and historical monuments in the country. For this reason, all Turkish governments, who have succeeded since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, developed this city and made it the first place of tourism, trade and investment in the country.

Indeed, Istanbul today is the economic and tourist capital of Turkey and therefore it focuses on the interest of foreign investors interested in the Turkish real estate market

One of the most vital, central and historical districts in Istanbul that must be recognized is the ancient Fatih neighborhood

The area of Fatih area is 17 square kilometers, and the number of neighborhoods is 57 and it was named Fatih in relation to the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, who conquered Constantinople in 1453 AD.

It includes a large number of monuments such as historical mosques, which were built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultans. The Fatih Mosque is one of the most famous monuments and tourist attractions in Istanbul, as it flocks to visit Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world.

And the Yavuz Mosque, Sultan Selim, and the Mosque of Sulaymaniyah and the noble rag, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in which the mantle of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is found and displayed to visitors in the month of Ramadan every year.

Also prevalent in Fatih palaces are the famous Topkapi Palace and the most important ancient markets such as the Egyptian Market, Fatih Market and the Women's Market. Where in these markets you find products that reflect Turkish and Ottoman history, and the various goods that meet all your needs.

Fatih is located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, overlooking the Gulf of the Golden Horn, and the Aksaray district has one of the most vibrant and crowded neighborhoods in Istanbul.

It has a very large number of service facilities, such as universities, hospitals, and transportation, such as the Governmental Research Hospital, and the headquarters of the oldest university in the country, Istanbul University, and Beyazit Public Library.

In it there is the closed market or the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian market and a number that cannot be counted among the most beautiful and most important tourist areas. There are a number of modern shopping centers as well, such as the Historia Mall and its various transportation includes metro, tramway, buses and mini bus.


Owning a property in Istanbul in the Fatih region:

Real estate varies in the Fatih region, where you can find very expensive or medium-priced property because it contains Iraqi residential complexes in addition to the ordinary popular neighborhoods, this diversity in addition to the location and the richness of the region in important tourist sites makes Fatih a favorite kiss for tourists and foreign investors who want to invest in the Turkish real estate market

In recent years, with the development of Turkish-Arab relations and the popular movement in a number of Arab countries, the country witnessed a great turnout from Arab citizens, and many of them went to Istanbul.

And Fatih formed a great attraction for them, because it has a long history, and it is currently considered the heart of Istanbul, as well because of its proximity to the most important tourist and historical places, and the central markets.

It has become a magnet for foreign and Arab investors who want to buy apartments in Istanbul and has seen a great turnout from them as some of them have apartments and others have gone towards villas that have a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.


In other words, Fatih is considered one of the excellent options for buying properties in Istanbul, and therefore we find today a large number of Turkish construction companies that compete to build housing complexes and real estate projects in them, which are characterized by quality and luxury and provide a modern lifestyle in the heart of the old city, a feature that everyone is looking for when thinking about housing or real estate investment in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general