Get the most guaranteed real estate offer in Turkey by buying a property in "Maslak" region

Get the most guaranteed real estate offer in Turkey by buying a property in "Maslak" region


 If you are interested in buying a property in Istanbul Turkey, do not let time raid you more and reserve your apartment in the strongest and most luxurious attractions of all, the Pearl of Istanbul "Maslak" of the Sariyer region on the European side of Istanbul which is famous for its green views and its sophistication, where it was recently ranked as the third most expensive region in Turkey.

 The "Maslak" museums, palaces, and castles of the seventeenth century AD narrate the history of the region, which was the center of the nobility, princes, and sultans of the Ottoman era.

 In the following article, we will explain what makes Maslak attractive for real estate investments, and why it has been included among the most important business centers and the most powerful commercial neighborhoods in Turkey, and how in recent years has it become a base for the world's rich?

The economic rule says that "shares rise in the real estate world the more they meet the needs and desires of investors", which is the mouthpiece of "Maslak" in which all the factors of real estate and tourist attractions are found and the most important of which we mention:

  • Its height floors and charming views over the lung of Istanbul "Belgrade forests" with evergreen trees and fresh air.

  • One of the most safe areas of earthquakes in European Istanbul, where its facilities, especially modern ones, are subject to the laws of modern construction in Turkey, which stipulates the necessity of construction according to the earthquake resistance system to avoid damages, regardless of the strength of the earthquakes.

  • Luxury properties and luxurious mansions made it attractive for businessmen and investors with large capitals.

  • Turkey's first wealthy destination for housing and investment as it is  inhabited by many ministers, businessmen, artists and celebrities.

  • Lots of modern and smart residential and office towers.

  • A large number of administrative headquarters for multinational companies and major Turkish commercial and economic institutions.

  • Exceptional interior designs for modern towers and apartment complexes.

  • Maslak provides many housing projects with a government guarantee

  • Most of Maslak's residential projects meet the conditions for obtaining the Turkish citizenship.

  • High return on real estate, where the profitability returns in some properties is more than 15%.

  • Proximity to the modern and special transportation network, as it is a central area in Sariyer which has two stations of the M2 metro line

  • Its proximity to the E80 strategic highway.

  • Easy access from Maslak to Sisli, Eyüp and Besiktas, which makes it the best option for real estate investment in Istanbul.

  • Existence of a project that provides Maslak with a tramway line that links it to the new airport as the most important facility to support the infrastructure, which will increase the prices of properties in the region.

  • Maslak contains many vital services and entertainment facilities, such as hospitals, schools, clinics, universities, major shopping centers, banks and parks such as "Emirgan".

  • It contains the most luxurious 5-star luxury hotels that annually receive delegations from the world's largest businessmen and celebrities of art, sports and politics.

  • Restaurants with wonderful views of the Bosphorus, where tourists come from all around the world  specially to eat fish meals or sip tea and coffee with a charming view of the banks of the Bosphorus.

  • A haven for those looking for rest, relaxation and luxury and living in the arms of nature

Al Huda Real Estate Company provides distinctive real estate projects in Maslak area similar to the project ALH-1603 which is 5 minutes away from Levant and 8 minutes away from Sisli.

 The luxury project is located just steps away from the Vadi Istanbul Mall and 10 minutes from the famous shopping centers "Ozdilek, Metro City and Kanyon Mall".

 The owner of an apartment within the ALH-1603 project complex will find the window of his house overlooking the most magnificent greenery of the Belgrade forest and its adjacent valley.

 The ALH-1603 project consists of two buildings, one residential and one for office apartments near the largest business centers and a modern transportation network like the metro line.