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Get to know the top 5 religious tourist sites in Turkey

كل ما تريد معرفته عن شراء عقار في تركيا

Turkey attracts foreign tourists from all over the world, as it embraces the most #beautiful_tourist_places_in_the_world from archaeological sites and natural places. Turkey has a special place in the hearts of Arabs, Muslims and Christians.

As they have with the Turkish people historical, cultural and religious ties in addition to the fact that Turkey has the most important religious monuments.

In this article we are going to highlight the top five religious tourism destinations in #Turkey.

Abraham Path:

It is located in the southeastern city of Urfa, which is considered one of the most #important_religious_tourist_sites_in_Turkey and is famous as the "city of prophets" where it is believed that in this region Abraham was thrown into the fire and saved by God’s power and mercy.

The path of the Prophet Abraham begins in Sanliurfa from the place where he was born as an extension to his tomb at the Ibrahimic Mosque in Palestine today. Urfa also houses the oldest temple ever which was discovered in Göbekli Tepe.

The House of the Virgin Mary:

Some historical studies suggest that Virgin Mary lived her last days in a stone hut on Mount Koressos, south of the site of Ephesus in #Izmir.

And for that reason the Seljuk area, where the Virgin Mary's house is located, is one of the main pilgrimage routes in Christianity.

Tomb of Jalaluddin Rumi:

The Rumi Museum, home to the tomb of the famous Sufi mystic, Jalaluddin Rumi, hosts millions of tourists every year.

And this museum has become the third most visited museum in Turkey, surpassing 2.82 million visitors last year.

St. Paul's Church:

Greek Orthodox Church located in Taurus. The Church is of great religious importance to the adherents of Christianity as the birthplace of the apostle Paul.

UNESCO has also listed it as a World Heritage Site.

Each year, St. Paul's Church hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists.

Eyup Sultan:

The mosque of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari is located in the city of #Istanbul and is considered one of the most important religious tourism centers in #Istanbul, where the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari has a great place among Muslims, as he hosted the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in his house when he emigrated from Mecca to Medina.

If you are visiting #Turkey for the purpose of tourism and recreation, or for trade and investment or if you are interested in the #real_estate_market_in_Turkey, no matter what your purpose of coming to #Turkey, we recommend you to visit the ancient religious sites in Turkey.