Green Bursa ... the first capital of the Ottomans

Green Bursa ... the first capital of the Ottomans

بورصة الخضراء ... العاصمة الاولى للعثمانيين

Green Bursa is a Turkish city, located in the northwestern part of Turkey between Istanbul and Ankara. Bursa is known by the name of Green Bursa, due to its charming nature, green forests that cover most of its areas, in addition to its beautiful gardens.

Bursa city is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist cities in Turkey,  it is famous for its charming nature ,green forests , historical and archaeological monuments and the spread of tourist places in it in addition to mineral water springs and Uludag mountain which it  covered with snow  so it becomes a destination for tourists from all over the world, especially in winter to practice skiing. 

The history of the city of Bursa dates back to the sixth century B.C. where many civilizations and empires have been established on its land, the most famous of it is the Roman Empire, Byzantines, Crusaders, Seljuks and finally the Ottoman Empire where the Ottomans took it as their capital until it was destroyed by Taymorlank , after the Ottomans reclaimed it ,they  turned The Ottoman capital from Bursa to Edirne and then to Istanbul.

Bursa inherited from the civilizations and empires that have passed through it, many archaeological and historical monuments, where archaeological monuments appear in its streets, neighbourhoods and monumental buildings.

The most famous tourist attractions in the city of Bursa:

Uludag Mountain

Uludag mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa, the height of Mount Uludag is about 2540 meters, which is the highest peak in the sea of marmara region, where it overlooks of Bursa with a charming view,

Uludag Mountain is the first destination for tourists in the city of Bursa, especially in the winter, where you can go to enjoy skiing, as it contains a national reserve, and you can also enjoy the ride of the famous Bursa telefrık on your way to the mountain, where the telefrık extends 9 km that consider  The longest telefrık in the world and enjoy watching the forests and trees in addition to breathing fresh air.

At the beginning of your way to Mount Uludag you can also see the historical perennial tree, which is about 600 years old and has a height of 35 meters, where it is said that the date of its cultivation dates back to the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.

The Great Mosque of Bursa

The Great Mosque in Bursa, or as it is called (ulu camı), is one of the most important and beautiful historical mosques in Turkey , it was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and under the supervision of the architect Ali Najjar, after his victory over the Crusaders in a fateful battle. 

The Great Mosque of Bursa is distinguished by twenty domes, because the Sultan had vowed to Gad to build twenty mosques if he defeated his Crusader enemies and when he achieved victory, his adviser suggested that he build one large mosque with twenty dome instead of twenty small mosques, lining twenty dome in four rows which  supported by columns. As for a mosque, it is rectangular and has an area of 5,000 square meters. The thickness of the walls is more than two meters. The mosque is divided into four sections. Each section covers 5 domes connected by a large fountain.

Hot mineral water springs

Bursa is famous for its hot mineral hot spring baths, which are rich in iron and sulphur and many mineral elements. It is located in the Çekirge region, it is famous for being one of the most famous and beautiful tourist sites in Bursa.

Hot spring baths in Bursa combine treatment and relaxation, where some of it visitors aim to treat many diseases such as skin diseases, gynaecological diseases, urine diseases, liver diseases, and others intended to enjoy their hot water and relax from daily stresses,

  Among the most famous of these springs is the Kara Mustafa bath. The Kara Mustafa bath is one of the oldest and most famous baths in Bursa, where its water is used to treat diseases.

Iznik Museum


The Aznik Museum is located in the city of Iznik belonging to Bursa, and it is one of the most important museums in the city that contains antiquities dating back to ancient times such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, where the museum is considered a masterpiece from the time of the Ottomans, the museum was built by the Ottoman Sultan Murad I, and displays artefacts and coin dating back For the fifteenth century.