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Göynük Canyon at Antalya Turkey

 وادي غوينوك في تركيا… وجهة عشاق المغامرة

As the incubator of many of ancient civilizations and with its breath-taking nature Turkey today is considered one of the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_the_world with its charming historical monuments and magnificent landscapes like the forests, valley’s and coasts.

And one of these outstanding natural sites is Göynük Canyon in #Antalya Turkey’s touristic capital on the #Mediterranean_coast.

It is located to the south west at the Kemer town, and it is characterized with its spring water and capturing nature that attracts tourists from across the world.

The Göynük Canyon has been listed as one of the top ten valleys for camping and hiking in the world.

So, if you are an adventure and exploring new natural sites lover then you need to visit Göynük Canyon in Turkey for sure, because it’s a true haven for spending unforgettable times with the mother nature between the mountains and hills, because there you can enjoy many sports like hiking, climbing, exploring the caves and diving between the rocky grooves, or you may prefer camping with friends in the valley to relax and spend sweet nights around the bonfire.

If you want to visit Turkey anytime soon to spend your summer vacation or maybe to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city.

Then, don’t miss the chance of exploring the Göynük Canyon to enjoy nature from another perspective.