Have you ever been to Çamlıca Hill in Istanbul before? | Al Huda

Have you ever been to Çamlıca Hill in Istanbul before?

هل زرت تلة العرائس في اسطنبول من قبل

Visiting Istanbul city is a priority for many tourists who attends Turkey every year, and that’s because of the many #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_istanbul which can be found all across the city on its both sides.

And one of these sites is the Çamlıca Hill which means the Pine Hill in Turkish.

It is located at #Uskudar on the Asian side of #Istanbul which can be reached easily by the ferries or by Bus.

This hill which has a magnificent view on both the sea of #Marmara and the #Bosporus_bridge is divided into two hills “Kucuk Çamlıca” and “Buyuk Çamlıca” which mean little and big Çamlıca Hill in Turkish.

The highest top or the Buyuk Çamlıca is about 267 m above the sea level and from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Istanbul with its strait, bridges, historical monuments and green landscapes.

The Çamlıca Hill has been always an important Touristic site in #Anatolia throughout the years and the successive civilizations, and until this day where the #Turkish_government has given this site all the care it needs to become a shrine for tourists from across the world and that’s by providing it with all the facilities like coffee shops, restaurants, walking tracks, forests, playing grounds and many other things in order to attract more people to come and enjoy the breathtaking nature and make some unforgettable memories with the ones they love.

And it doesn't matter what is the reason that’s brought you to this city, whether you came to enjoy a touristic trip, to relax or want to invest in the #real_estate_market_in_turkey and want to #buy_aparmants_in_istanbul

Whatever brought you here, visiting the Çamlıca Hill is a necessity for your trip in Istanbul city.