Have you ever been to Dupnisa cave in Turkey before? | Alhuda

Have you ever been to Dupnisa cave in Turkey before?

هل قمت بزيارة مغارة دوبنيسا التركية من قبل

Every year Turkey attracts millions of tourists as it contains the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_the_world and is the favorite destination for foreign investors who want to #purchase_apartmants_in_istanbul for both investing and have a place to stay in on their yearly vacations.

This time we are going to put the Dupnisa cave in the spot light, this cave is located in Sarpdere village in the city of Kırklareli which is affiliated to the administration of Demirköy, and it is the only opened cave for tourism in the west north of Turkey.

This cave welcomes thousands of tourists and visitors with its cold temperature in the summer which varies between 10-17 Co

Inside of it you can find the marble rocks that are from the second geological era, which are 2720m high and 345m above the sea level.

It has three sections the first is dry, the second has water and the third one is called “the girl’s cave”.

Dupnisa has three entrances and a water spring from which the Rezovo river stems and this river separates Turkey from Bulgaria.

The cave is also surrounded by the forests, parks and cafes.

If you are looking for an adventure in the heart of the nature, we advise you to come and visit “Dupnisa cave” in Turkey.

If you want to have a nice vacation or willing to invest and #buy_properties_in_istanbul make sure to make some time and visit this charming place in Turkey.