Have you ever been to the butterfly's valley in Turkey? | Al Huda

Have you ever been to the butterfly's valley in Turkey?

هل يحق للفلسطينين حملة الوثائق تملك عقار في تركيا؟

Turkey, God's heaven on earth. This is a worldwide known discerption for Turkey, and that’s thanks to its breathtaking and beautiful nature, and for that it is the best destination for tourists among the world.

You’ll be fascinated by beauty where ever you go in Turkey.

Today let us take you in a virtual tour to the butterfly’s valley in Turkey.

Where the magnificent white beaches, the high mountains, cottages and tents and the waterfall runs throughout the valleys to water the trees and flowers.

Just like a painting all these features gathers to bring you the beautiful butterfly’s valley.

The butterfly’s valley is located at the top of Babadag mountains which are located next to the sea of EGE at the city of Fathye one of the most beautiful natural reserve in the world.

The city of Fathye attracts a lot of visitors to Turkey, and is considered one of most #beautiful_tourist_areas_in_Turkey.

And the presence of the butterfly’s valley makes it more interesting as a lot of tourists attends it to explore the mother nature’s through the valleys and forests. to detach themselves from the noisy lifestyle and enjoy the peace and simplicity at the cottages and tents by the beach between the beautiful butterflies.

And what’s worth mentioning that in 1987 the Turkish government announced the butterfly’s valley as a natural reserve and took care of repairing the valley’s area and become one of the #best_tourist_areas_in_Turkey.

It dosen’t matter if you came to turkey to have a vacation or to invest and buy #apartmants_in _istanbul. You need to make some time to go and visit the butterfly’s valley at #Fathye city in Turkey.