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Have you ever been to the Fatih mosque in Istanbul city before?

هل قمت بزيارة جامع الفاتح في إسطنبول من قبل

In the heart of #Istanbul city the Fatih mosque can be found, one of the oldest Ottoman mosques in Turkey, and which is considered one of the #best_historical_touristic_places_in_istanbul.

Fatih mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, which was constructed in 1461 AD by the order of “Fatih Sultan” who gave this mission to the famous architecture “Mimar Sinan”.

This mosque is considered a great symbol of Islamic Architectual style, as it represents the beauty of Istanbul's ancient mosques in general.

The mosque has a main dome that rises on four huge poles which as well have the names of the four #Righteous_Caliphs written on them.

The mosque’s yard is also surrounded by poles and arches. And to the south of the yard lays the Grave of Mehmet Fatih Sultan.

#fatih_mosque is considered a religiose and a social center where a lot of buildings like schools, libraries, market and a hospital were constructed around it.

#Fatih_in_istanbul is one of the most important and vital areas in the city which also still has its historical ottoman style, and that’s why it is considered one of the #most_important_touristic_sites_in_istanbul as a lot of tourists from around the world come to visit it or even to invest in it as many of the foreign investors like to buy #apartments_in_istanbul in it.

These part of Istanbul gets its importance from the historical monuments that are found in it, especially #fatih_mosque.

If you are willing to visit Istanbul this summer to have a vacation and relax or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, then we advise you to take the chance and visit Fatih mosque and have a memorial trip at Fatih markets and alleys.