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Have you ever tasted Antep Baklava in Turkey?

هل تذوقت بقلاوة عنتاب التركية من قبل

Turkey is characterized with a diverse kitchen as it combines the western with the eastern food in a unique mix that’s called today the Ottoman kitchen, especially when it comes to sweets where the Turkish sweets are worldwide famous and loved.

So, if you are willing to visit #Turkey to spend a nice vacation or want to build a business and invest in the real estate market in Turkey and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or another city, then you really need to get introduced to the Turkish sweets especially the authentic Antep Baklava.

The city of Gaziantep is famous for the production of its delicious Baklava.

This Antep Baklava is usually prepared with layers of a special thin dough that is stuffed with layers of pistachios and covered with a special kind of margarine, and after it’s baked it is loaded with a sweet syrup.

It is worth mentioning that Baklava is officially a Turkish sweet and that’s as recorded by the #European_Union.

The demand on Antep’s Baklava increases during the holy month of Ramadan from other Turkish cities and even from other countries such as #European_countries like #Germany and Middle eastern countries like #Qatar and #Saudi_Arabia in addition to the #United_States_of_America.

What worth mentioning as well the fact that Gaziantep city is included within the UNESCO's list of creative cities.