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Have you ever visited Besiktas avenu in istanbul

حقائق تاريخية..أسوار اسطنبول قلاع شاهدة على الماضي

Beşiktaş area located in the Europe side of #istanbul between Ortakoy and Kabats. An area considered as one of the most famous & oldest areas in Istanbul city. And the first choice for both tourists and real estate investors willing to #buy_property_in_istanbul.

Beşiktaş overview at Bosphorus Strait, where cafes, restaurants and hyper shopping centers spreads. Populations of the area around 200K. a very famous with its wide square where you can find the republican statue. An area been considered as the center of culture for locals since it holds multi-cultural and ancient sites, in addition to universities, and the most important schools in Istanbul.

Most popular sites in Beşiktaş are:

Yldiz Park: one of the biggest green parks in the area, a place worth to visit specially in April and spring season.

Otakoy Mosque: one of the most famous mosques been built since Sultan Abdelhamid era in 1853 exactly next Bosporus Strait.

The Sea museum which been build in the Ottoman era where you can find multi marine pieces including to submarine, boats, and ships.

To be mentioned, the transportation service network there is very strong, provide you with option can transport you to every other area of the city through metro or tramway from Beşiktaş.

Beşiktaş also considered as one of the upscales areas in Istanbul where property prices record one of the highest in the property values listing in Istanbul.