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Have you ever visited Beylikdüzü avenue in istanbul

أهم المراكز التجارية في بيليك دوزو في اسطنبول

Beylikdüzü avenue is one of the developing & promising areas in Istanbul, a destination for a lot of investor to #buy_properties_in_Istanbul. Beylikdüzü is famous with a very unforgettable sea overview, and its green nature, where you also can find the most important shopping centres famous in Istanbul, will mention the following:

Marmaray Park: one of the biggest trade malls, with a strategic place in Beylikdüzü since its on the E5 highway next to the metro bus, which make it very easy to reach. Contains almost every international trademark, including restaurants, cafes, clothes shops, and home equipments.

If you are one of shopping fans you will can find almost everything you are looking for in Marmara Park. In addition to, having the privilege of letting your kids having extra fun in the amusement section, while you can do more shopping.

Torium Avm: Torium mall been established in 2010, with over 200-million-dollar cost, with over 180 shopping center in covering all needed from local Turkish brands, and the international one. The mall also has wide section for ski entertainment sports, fully equipped for all ski activities, with even trainers ready to give training lessons for ski if needed. In addition to, a full theme park, and excellent collection of restaurants and cafes.

You will find that shopping mall and centers spreads in all Beylikdüzü (Marina, TÜYAP, white corner, and perlavista). and even inside the complex residential projects you can find all what you need since its common in this area that the project also has shopping centre’s in it.

We, in AlHuda for investment and real estate development, provide our clients who are interested in #buying_property_in_istanbul with over 30 projects in Beylikdüzü. All with a luxurious architectural style and best services and facilities can be provided.