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Have you ever visited Galata Tower in Istanbul?

هل قمت بزيارة برج غلطة في اسطنبول من قبل

Galata tower is considered one of the most #important_touristic_sites_in_istanbul which is located to the north of the Golden Horn bay.

And which attracts tourists from all around the world as an important historical monument in #Istanbul city.

The tower’s history:

The stories about the establishing date of the Galata tower are many, where some of them says that it was built in 507 by the Byzantines who named it the big tower, it was then rebuilt and repaired by the Ottoman architecture KHAIR ADDIN in 1509.

It was also told that the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the magnificent used the Galata tower to keep prisoners at the 16th century.

And after that the tower was used by the astronomer Taqi Ad-Din as an astronomical observatory.

Galata Tower is found at the neighborhood which holds the same name which is located at the end of the famous #Istiklal_street on a hill that is 35m above the sea level, and the tower itself is about 70m high and the height of its front door is about 16m.

The tower consists of nine floors that can be reached with an elevator, in addition to that the top floor has a restaurant that makes traditional Turkish food, it also has a panoramic view on the city from which you can see the most important touristic site of #Istanbul like the #Bosporus_bridge, #Sultan_Ahmet_square, the golden horn and the #Topkapi palace.

What worth mentioning about this tower as well the fact that it was listed at the world Heritage list in 2013.

If you are willing to travel to Turkey for your next vacation or business trip to invest in the Turkish real estate market and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul, you really need to visit the Galata Tower and get the chance to enjoy the most charming view of Istanbul from one of its main features.