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Have you ever visited Takoran valley in Turkey?

هل زرت وادي تاكوران في تركيا من قبل

A hidden haven as called by the locals a piece of haven that has escaped to settle right in the state of Şanlıurfa in Turkey, Takoran valley the nature’s creation.

To the south of Turkey right between the cities of Şanlıurfa and Adiyaman the Euphrates river has formed this valley which extends on 40km beginning from Urfa and ending at the city of Adiyaman.

The beauty about Takoran valley is the fact that it is an untouched natural landscape where no man has been or done anything in it until its discovery date.

In general Turkey is known for containing the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_the_world, but we are not overrating if we considered the valley of Takoran one of the most #important_touristic_sites_in_turkey and if we described it as the best place for nature lovers and those who prefer to get detached from today’s stressed and loud lifestyle, where this charming place in Turkey has all the needed facilities to have an unforgetable experience from the waterfalls, canyons, windmills, rock tombs to the historic monuments like the drowned churches.

People generally come to Turkey for so many different aims and reasons, some comes to have a touristic tour in the Turkish cities and others come to invest in the #real_estate_market_in_Turkey and own properties and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul city or any other Turkish city.

It doesn’t matter why you want to come to Turkey because you really don’t want to miss the chance of seeing such a charming place like the Takoran valley.