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Have you ever visited Trabzon city before

هل قمت بزيارة طرابزون في تركيا من قبل

Have you ever visited Trabzon city before? Let’s learn more about Trabzon city together.

Trabzon located in the east north of turkey on the black sea side, a place famous with its wonderful nature, and Moderate climate in summer which make it a very destination for tourist from all over the world.

The strategic place of this city makes it one of the important cities in turkey, and trade beacon for both Iran and Caucasus.

Multi civilization passed on this city, starting with Greece then been taken by Romanians, and since 1461 the city became and Ottoman empire.

One of the most remarkable about the pearl of black sea city is, its mountains and green hills which create over 77% of its land, with 12 natural river and the lake of Ozon ku, all increases its charm and beauty.

A rainfall city all over the year, where snow fall in the winter and gathers for quite a long time, which makes it a favored city for ski lovers, so they can spend a very entertaining experiences in its mountains and hills.

Trabzon is a place holds historical monuments too, like Trabzon castle, the one been built in the Ottoman era, one of the most important monuments of the city. Trabzon museum, which have different monuments from both by Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Sumela temple, which been built on the edge of Sumela mountain in the 14th century. Bedestan market, which comes from the Ottman age where you can find handmade goods and some handicrafts. Gülbahar hatun mosque, been built in the Ottoman age too, an ancient mosque overviewing the black sea.

Hotels and restaurants spreads all over the city, you can also find a lot of complex building in a modern style there.

All the above mentioned makes Trabzon a very remarkable place to invest in, a lot of those who are interested in #Buying_property_in_turkey already have Trabzon in their favorite places since that will make it a very good investment and place to spend vacation on.

If you didn’t visit this city yet, We in Alhuda for investment and real estate development encourage you to do.