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Have you ever visited Turkish Şile town before?

ماالذي تعرفه عن سبانجا التركية

Let us introduce you to one of the most beautiful towns in Istanbul.

Şile town, located in the cost of the #Black_sea, under the administration of Istanbul city.

Been considered as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul. Which worth to dedicate a full day visit, from your visiting days to Istanbul. Even if tourism wasn’t part of your plan, busy with some trade related or business, or #buing_property_in_istanbul. Visiting this town could be your escape from the noise of the city.

One of the famous places in #Şile town is Kumbaba hill, one of most common therapy places, where its sans been used to recover from various types of diseases.

Another famous part of Şile is the crying rocks, which are simply a natural spring with a flow looks like crying. Activities can be done in Şile are a lot. Starting with, swimming, hunting, enjoying the Sea side of the town with a gold reflection of the sun on the pure blue sea.

The journey with a boat could be a piece of advice visitors should try once. Where you can discover the ancient sites of the city, with ottoman and Byzantine ruins. Or having some nice pictures near the rock islands in all over the #Şile coast.

Another part of #Şile is the mountains, covered with thick trees, which makes it a piece of art really worth to pay a visit.

To be mentioned the old beacon been there since ottoman era, another ancient piece of the city.

AlHuda for real estate investment and development, advise you to steal a day from your visit to #Istanbul and spend it in a full of joy & happiness journey.