Historic castles and forts in Turkey... a title of history and civilization

Historic castles and forts in Turkey... a title of history and civilization

القلاع والحصون التاريخية في تركيا... عنوانا للتاريخ و الحضارة

Turkey the most famous country for its ancient history, where Turkey witnessed the establishment of many civilizations and empires for thousands of years, such as the Hittites, Persians, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, the Crosses, the Seljuks and the Ottomans, both of these civilizations and empires left traces, palaces and Castles tell its story throughout the ages.

Among the most famous and oldest castles and forts in Turkish cities:

Zilkale Castle 

Zilkale  Castle in the city of Riza in Turkey, Zilkale Castle is located on the frtına valley in the city of Riza on the Black Sea, built at an altitude of up to 1120 meters in the heart of nature on the green plateau surrounded by tall and perennial trees, which made it distinguished With a charming view of the Black Sea, in addition to its air that is characterized by fresh air breezes.

 The construction of the Zilkale Castle dates back to the Middle Ages. It was built as a fort with the aim of repelling enemies from the city, which was the focus of many people for its strategic location. The fort contains a double wall and a central tower in addition to rooms transformed into barracks for armies.

The Zilkale consists of two castles, a lower castle, which did not remain from it anything except some remains of its walls, and an inner castle remains preserved in its form, as the Ottoman Empire restored it.

Kilitbahir Castle

  Kilitbahir Castle in Çank kale in Turkey. Kilitbahir Castle is located in the Straits of Çank kale   built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Al- Fateh through his besiege the city of Constantinople with the aim of preventing aid from the Roman Emperor , the meaning of the name of the castle Kelet Bahir (sea lock).

The castle consists of two impenetrable forts  that had a major role in the castle's control of the Bosphorus Strait, where the castle played a large role in protecting the city  from the greedy, in addition to observation towers, command headquarters, weapons rooms and kitchens.

Amasya Castle

Amasya Castle in the city of Amasya in Turkey, located on Mount Hershin on a slope its formed by a square with four doors and high towers of up to 70 meters. There is also a well inside the castle.

The history of the castle dates back to thousands of years since the era of the Hellenistic state through the Roman, where it witnessed the war between the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Pontus, in addition to the Byzantine and Seljuk State and finally restored by the Ottoman Empire.

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle in Antalya, Turkey, Alanya Castle is located on a rocky peninsula on the Mediterranean, at an altitude of up to 250 meters.

Alanya Castle is considered one of the most important medieval castles built during the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Kekbad on the remains of previous castles from the Byzantine and Roman era to protect the Seljuk state from attacks.

Alanya Castle is distinguished by its design that combined the Byzantine and Roman architectural style and the castle is composed of three sections, the lower part is a wooden house, the middle section contains the Sultan Suleiman Mosque and the tomb of one of the sultans, a wide upper section surrounded by a wall on three sides and a height of four miles, In addition to 400 wells and 140 observation towers, the Castle was provided with a  fort with reaches its height to 6.5-kilometer during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

Boyabat Castle

Boyabat Castle in the state of Sinop in northern Turkey in the Gok Armaq Valley region, the Boyabat Castle is one of the oldest medieval castles on the Black Sea. The castle dates back to 2800 years. The castle was used by the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans who added their touch to it through the vertical walls

Inside the castle, tunnels reaching the underground city were discovered.

Diyarbakir Castle


Diyarbakir Castle in Turkey, built in the middle of the fourth century during the era of the Roman Empire, the walls of Diyarbakir Castle are among the tallest walls in complete in the world, with a length of 6 km. Its outer wall is about 5000 meters, its walls are made of basalt rocks in black colour.