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How to establish your own business in Turkey

كيفية تأسيس مشروع تجاري في تركيا

In the last few years Turkey has achieved a noticeable economic success, and the #turkish_government has been able to make the country an important destination for foreign investors to invest their money by #purchasing_properties_in_turkey.

And after the new #turkish_citizenship law which states that the ownership of a 250,000 dollars' worth property can get it, the attendance of the foreign investors who wants to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul has increased and their interest was focused on #buying_villas_in_istanbul especially on the European side of it.

#real_estate_investment is considered a successful and guaranteed investment with high profits annually. But it is not the only successful investment for foreign investors as there are so many other businesses and investments that can be a good opportunity for them as well.

Recently the #turkish_government has obliged a business-related law that made direct investment in #Turkey for foreign investors easier.

The new #foreign_investment_law, assures the principle of treating the foreign investors the same way as the Turkish investors get treated. Which means that they can establish any kind of business they want as long as it is going to meet the Turkish trade laws in general.

This #turkish_trade_law gives the foreign investors to open all kind of companies such as, a joint stock company, a liability company, a cooperative company, a joint liability company or a limited partnership company.

In addition to that and in order to make the investing environment more comfortable the #turkish_government has made a lot of improvements on the country’s laws to make it easier to establish a business in Turkey.

The #turkish_ministry_of_tarde has also established an electronic platform which is called “MERSIS” in order to make a new business establishment in Turkey requires easier, for example, the incentive system provided by the Turkish government for the foreign investors and the agreements of the government which guarantee that no investor will suffer from double taxation.

One of the best features about the trade laws in Turkey the fact that the procedures of assets transfer and accommodation and work permits are so simple.

Many want to invest in Turkey and for that they need to accommodate in it close to their business to supervise the work, that means they’re going to need a place to stay in, and in this matter the better choice for the investor is to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul if his business was in #istanbul of course,

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