4 mistakes to avoid for Quicker Home Sale

How to Sell Real Estate : 4 mistakes to avoid for Quicker Home Sale

4 successful Tips for selling real estate

If you decide to sell real estate, you’re signing up for a lengthy process of excitement and rejection. When you’re putting up your real estate for sale, whether it’s a new home that you think is a cat h or one whose walls have seen you grow up, people are picky in general. And beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. 

It can be hard to satisfy people and even harder trying to bargain on a price when they’re already hitting at costs beneath your property’s value by large. But if you’re just entering the trade or have been doing it for years, here are some tips to consider when you want to sell real estate.

Our real estate consultants and agents have collected all the mistakes we have seen property owners make when they want to sell real estate. Some of these will help you tackle common blunders to help you make your real estate appear more appealing and irresistible. 

4 Tips to Sell Real Estate 

1- Lousy Interior Design 

Time and time again, we try to talk our clients out of this. Many of whom can let go of a unique offer that, beneath taste and style, holds exactly what they want. While we do go over this point with our clients, aesthetics and design may overpower our advice. You could lose a client who loves the apartment layout and the neighborhood, and who frankly if you had used a different wallpaper would otherwise be beyond happy to get the keys.

But the reality remains, that you’ve lost a client, or two, or ten because you did a lousy job with your interior design. Design is so important that many investors sell real estate based only on the “buy and fix” approach. Which is a strategy that allows them to renovate old apartments into modernity and luxury and they can easily land a deal with a large profit margin. 

Because when you want to sell real estate you’re likely to be living in it, and perhaps you can’t go above and beyond with renovation. But what you do is renovate or refurbish here and there around the house to make it look cozy and warm. While beauty is after all in the eyes of the beholder, some paint jobs or pieces of furniture can win your hearts. 

2- Aromas and Scents 


Human psychology responds very well to scent stimuli. And if you want to sell real estate, you can make clients feel warm and cozy during an open house. Whether you live in the house or never have, the way it smells will have a large influence. Many people find that baking cookie before an open house is likely to set you a done deal. When you want to sell real estate you have to market it as a place to make beautiful memories with your family. The scent of baking is likely to remind every client of a beautiful family morning from their childhood or adulthood, in either case, it screams quality family time. 

You don’t have to go all the way and bake vanilla-scented goods for every time a client wants to visit. Instead, just put vanilla in a tray of water and bake it in the oven. Within seconds your home will be infused with a heartwarming aroma. But, you have to make sure your house isn’t smelling funky to start with. Give it a good clean and ensure that your sofas aren’t dirty or reek of anything unpleasant. So, when you want to sell real estate, give your house a good cleaning then get started with aromatherapy. 

You can remove any odors on your carpets, couches, blinds, or any fabric by using baking soda. Baking soda is an absorbent that can re-absorb the odors your fabrics have taken in. So it’s a great way to get rid of a great deal of underlying bad scents around real estate. 


3- Partner with a Real Estate Agency 

When you sell your real estate may do all the above, and you should, but one way or another you’ll have to see professionals. People may be drawn to your house and it could both look and smell great. But when it comes to setting prices, without the presence of professionals, people will likely give your property less than it’s worth. 

Working with a real estate agent will avoid this problem and add some more benefits. Because people prefer working with real estate agencies. In fact, 86% of home buyers used a real estate agent. So if you want to sell real estate, you can put your offer up with a reputable agent and access up to 86% of the market. For instance, at Al Huda, we work with thousands of clients and can present your real estate to a large number of potential clients in the market. Not only could this end the process quicker, but it also makes it easier for you. You may not even be present for your open house if you wish and our agents would take care of that. 

But most importantly, both the seller and the buyer understand that real estate agents give the property its right value. This will essentially mean that you can get your property’s worth and secure a serious buyer without compromising on the value of the real estate you want to sell.

4- Invest in Minor Repairs 

Most people will likely hire an inspection professional to evaluate a property, especially if it’s not brand new. And you must understand that these people are trained and paid to find faults. But you can prevent the loss of a reliable client by giving your real estate some minor tweaks. Just fix the problems you think will be an issue for a newcomer because you could lose them over something so minor. 

But some repairs can be seen even if your client doesn’t call for the home inspection. These include loose handles, loose tiles, leaky faucets, plumbing issues, poor lighting. That’s likely to make clients turn away and if not sabotage your pricing strategy. 

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In a Nutshell 

To sell real estate is labor, sometimes art, and even talent. Most clients collectively understand that buying a house is a big responsibility and as much as you love your real estate, others may not see it this way. Especially since it’s likely they’ve seen other offers that are more modern. You can cut down on the leg work by just focusing on what matters. Decluttering, renovating, scenting the real estate, and most importantly, partnering with a real estate agency. 

You do some work and real estate agents will do the rest. You try to make your property appealing and we’ll put it up for sale to thousands of clients. Likewise, our professionals will get you the price you want and that’s right for your property. Pricing is among the leading reasons buyers seem to real estate agents. So unlike dealing with clients directly, we can handle the pricing aspect for you and ensure both ends are satisfied. 

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