How to Transfer Funds to Buy a Property in Turkey

كيفية تحويل الأموال بهدف شراء عقار في تركيا !

Turkey has become the first destination for Arabs and foreigners who want to invest their money by buying real estate in Turkey with guaranteed profits and returns, and many families have settled in Turkey to give their children good education opportunities due to the strength and development of education in Turkey.

Many Arabs residing in Turkey need to transfer money to and from Turkey, and this is done through the system of money transfers, the most important of which is family transfers, which are a safe and legal way to transfer money between members of the same family and transfer them to their relatives through many ways to transfer funds to and from Turkey, and these financial transfers may be internal within Turkish cities or external transfers between Turkey and other countries, and we have liked in this article to show you ways of transferring money to and from Turkey to assist you and facilitate your affairs.

What are the ways to transfer money to and from Turkey?

1-Transferring money through banks

Money is transferred via Turkish and Arab banks against a certain percentage determined by each bank, provided that the transfer currency is the US dollar, and you need to transfer funds know the account number and the SWIFT code, in addition to the account data that the money will reach. Note that some Arab banks do not transfer is accepted only on certain conditions predetermined by each bank.


2- PTT company, the government courier company in Turkey

The PTT company is the fastest in transporting many orders all over Turkey, as it has external transportation to all countries of the world, and the company has maintained its lead due to the excellence of its services and the accuracy of its delivery times inside and outside Turkey. The company performs several services, including:

  • Internal and external shipping to and from Turkey through which the following can be shipped: (postal parcels, commercial parcels, postal messages, and all papers).
  • There is a center for money transfer and currency exchange.
  • There is a center for paying bills for electricity, water, gas, internet, and others.

3- Western Union Company

It is the largest money transfer company across the world, and its branches are known in all countries of the world. You can view the Western Union branches in Turkey through the following link:,28.8113743,11z

This is the official website of Western Union:

The company transfers money to and from Turkey for certain fees, and the fees can be calculated through the following link:

4- Money transfer offices or companies

Many merchants associated with their business in the Arab countries and Turkey have established companies to transfer money where delivery is made from Turkey to the Arab countries or vice versa, and the process of delivery and receipt often takes place not only on the same day but at the same moment (immediate delivery) to give safety and credibility to the customer, and the company receives money in return for transferring money at a rate of approximately 3% of the amount transferred, and care must be taken when dealing with offices and money transfer companies that are not known so as not to be subject to fraud.