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Şişli avenue in Istanbul, between history and modern architecture

أهم وأشهر مراكز التسوق في إسطنبول

In every neighborhood in Istanbul there is a tail, where each block and street hiding a story or a secret. With a magical combination between Ottoman flavor, and modern building designs.

The walking between those ancient streets, overwhelmed you with a beauty takes the visitor to historical and unforgettable story. one of the beautiful & most elegant avenues in the center of the city, is Sisli.

Şişli neighborhood with 35 K.M square meter, take a place between Besktas from east, Sariyer from north, Ayoub &

kagithane from west, and Beyoglu from south.

Şişli been considered as ancient area, back to 19th century. Also, as one of the first avenues been provided with electricity, Gaz, and Tramway in Istanbul. In that era Şişli had an Urban prosperity especially during the establishment of the Turkish republic, where more building been constructed with an amazing architecture style. And with the spread of the markets and trade centers in it, Şişli became a very important area where theaters, cafes and culture facilities spreads.

Today, Şişli is a very vital centre for trade and shopping, where you can find the most important trade building and international hotels. In addition to the most important malls like Jawaher mall in Istanbul. Also, you can find there one of the best schools and universities and educational centers, since it was considered as the point of destination for too many students from the rest of Istanbul neighbourhoods.

What makes this area remarkable is the tourists sites, museums (Ataturk museum, and military museum of Istanbul), artist facilities (musical & festival halls, the open air theater), also you can find the ancient mosques and churches ( Şişli mosque, Teşvikiye Mosque, and the holy spirit cathedral).

this upscale avenue attracted the high-class of the society, between big traders and Intellectuals. And since it’s a central area, Şişli were always an attraction point for tourists and #foreign_investors who were interested about trade related, or #buying_property_in_istanbul.