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Important features about investment in Turkey

السياحة العلاجية في تركيا

When you think about Turkey today, certain qualities come across your mind and find yourself thinking about a mix between historical legacy and today’s modern life style.

And where else can you witness such a harmony between these two qualities.

Turkey has a significant location on the most important seas and straits in the world, and which link the East with the West.

Turkey also has one of the strongest and most balanced economies in the world, where its economy has witnessed a rapid growth in the last couple of years which made it the second fastest growing economy in the world after the Chinese economy.

That’s why it is considered one of the #best_touristic_places_in_the_world. Where tourist attends it from across the world fascinated by its unique nature and its historical monuments scattered all across the Turkish cities.

Not to mention the wide geographical space that turkey lays on which gives it a diverse atmosphere. Its huge population also gives it a strong infrastructure which plays an essential role in the process of paving the way in front of the investors and their investments in the country.

All these factors and more have encouraged the foreign business men and investors to invest in Turkey.

And in the past few years those investors were especially focused on the field of real estate in Turkey. Where a high percentage of purchasing #apartments_in_Istanbul was recorded, and the biggest number of these purchasing processes were done by the Arabian Gulf investors who came to Turkey and invested their money into #buying_apartments_and_villas_in_Istanbul and the other Turkish cities.

In Turkey you have a variety of real estate investing options which include:

#buying_proprties in under construction projects that are located in vital areas to sell it when the project is completed, that means that what attracts the foreign investors the most today is finding under construction #for_sale_apartments_in_Turkey.

Investing #for_sale_lands_in_Istanbul that have perfect location when thinking about organizational charts.

#buying_apartments_in_Turkey inside completed and sophisticated residential projects and then put it for rent with high earning returns.

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