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Important information about agriculture in Turkey

أهم أسباب نجاح الاقتصاد التركي

Turkey is considered an attracting point for foreign investors who wants to #buy_apartmants_in_istanbul and are interested in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey in general.

Foreign investments are not limited to the field of real estate market only, other fields like #agriculture_in_turkey has also witnessed increasing in the foreign investments.

Investors from the Arabic gulf countries are the most interested in the field of agriculture in Turkey especially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain who want to increase their investments in #agricultural_lands_in_turkey.

The agricultural field has succeeded in attracting foreign investors and that’s thanks to the quality leap it has accomplished after 2000 year where Turkey has dominated the first places of agricultural production in the world, and competed great countries like United states of America in the cultivation of grains.

The reclamation of big lands which make more than 50% of the whole Turkish lands and the use of the latest agriculture related technology, all of this had participated in the agricultural development in general.

The geographical variety also has a big effect on the agricultural production in Turkey and makes it more diverse, where different kinds of beans, veggies and fruits are produced, and because of that more than 1600 kind of agricultural Turkish products are wanted in more than 180 country around the world.

Where Turkey takes the third place after China and India in the field of agricultural production and is considered one of the most important exporters of agricultural products in the regions of east Europe, middle east and north Africa.

The agricultural sector is also considered an essential sector of the goals sectors that the #turkish_government has prepared in order to become one of the first producing countries in the world in the year 2023.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that the Turkish government has focused on inviting Arab and foreign companies to invest in the field of agriculture, where a law was approved in the year 2003 and which ensures the equality between Turkish and foreign investors.

In addition to providing all the possible facilities for the investors so they can transfer funds freely and have a protection against expropriation.

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