Important information about buying a property on the scheme in Turkey:

Important information about buying a property on the scheme in Turkey:

معلومات مهمة حول شراء عقار على المخطط في تركيا:

Many people buy properties in Turkey, especially foreign investors who see it as fertile land for investment and a beautiful country for housing as well. 

The most preoccupying of those people when wanting to invest in the Turkish real estate market is profits and material return, so the purchase of the property must be a profitable deal as well, for a fully successful investment.

This matter pushes many people today to buy properties in Turkey on the scheme or under construction, because this type of sale is known to be cheaper than buying ready-made properties, but it requires waiting for the construction company until it finishes building the property to receive it.

In some cases, some people buy the property based on the pictures of the scheme, which is considered somewhat risky because it can be surprised when seeing the property on the ground later

Although the process of buying a property in Turkey on the scheme is very popular, it is necessary to know both the pros and cons of buying a property under construction in Turkey.


The positive aspects of buying a property on the scheme in Turkey:

Perhaps the most important positive factor for buying a property in Turkey on the scheme or under construction is the material gain and this is what attracts investors greatly to such properties because when the project is outside the scheme at the beginning of the construction phase, it is still a project in the start-up and manufacture phase. Thus, its value is low.

 As the construction stages progress, approval of local officials, and signature of each step, price increases to reach the full market value upon completion.

On the other hand, buying a property on the scheme in Turkey will allow you to divide the house as you want and in a way that suits your needs and plans for this house

You will also be free to choose the specifications of your apartment, and the type and quality of finishes.

And the fact that the price of apartments in Turkey on the scheme is lower than the prices of apartments and prefabricated properties, this gives the buyer better purchasing options in terms of area and number of rooms.


Some of the negative things that must be taken into account when wanting to buy a property on the scheme in Turkey:

There is no reason to be afraid of the subject of buying a property on the scheme in Turkey today, as the probability of you being tricked is very few with the huge number of approved real estate companies officially registered with the Turkish government.

The other thing is that with the techniques of photography and design today, it is possible to take a complete and good idea of the shape and distribution of the property’s or the apartment rooms from the scheme and designs that adopt the 3D drawing

On the other hand, in the event that you complete the purchase process or make a down payment and obtain a document or a document proving this, you can make sure of its legality easily in addition to the law of real estate evaluation before buying, which the Turkish government imposes to complete the real estate purchase process in Turkey in order to ensure the rights of the buyer and protect him from being tricked

But if we want to address the negative side of buying properties in Turkey on the scheme, perhaps one of the most important downsides of this matter is waiting for a long time while the construction process ends.

There may be some negative surprises in construction and cladding after the work is completed, other than what was previously agreed with the real estate construction company. This is not what will be experienced in ready properties and finished projects.

Also, the payment of financial payments before the completion of construction and before receiving the property means freezing the capital for a period that may sometimes be prolonged.


The most important advice before proceeding to buy a property on the scheme in Turkey:

First, be sure to communicate with a trusted and authorized real estate agency or company, and the buyer must request all details of the property in terms of its location and proximity to public transportation, schools or universities, hospitals, and markets.

It is best to visit the property site and see it on the ground before completing the purchase

In the event of reaching the stage of signing the purchase contract, this contract must include a statement of the full and net area of the property, the total number of rooms and their annexes and the subdivision of the property.

The location of the property or apartment in the city, region, and building accurately, in addition to determining the agreed price of the property and the method of payment

Of course, it is important to certify all documents and papers by a certified Notary